new weapon(slingshot)

the slingshot is to the sling like the crossbow is to the bow!
any ideas coming from this(adventure or otherwise)?

Sounds like it's just a small catapult. I can't see why anyone would go with a hand-held one when they could have a regular size one.....

when you think about it you just pull back the slingshot then let go to fire it.

that's how I'd describe a catapult. If you are talking about the historic slingshot, I think the damage from a rock assumes you are using on already.

First, you need an elastic substance - rubber is the classic, and I'm not sure anything in Ars is like it.

Not that a mage couldn't create it, but they'd have to 1) create it for something else, then 2) make the mental leap to use it in a weapon.

Also, it is not like a sling. The "bullet" is not nearly as large. A sling can kill a man, a slingshot can kill a rat.

But if you want, if it works in your saga, sure, go ahead!

any enchanted versions of slingshots out there?