new weapon

pellet bow-used by abriginal people(some)it fires a clay bullet with the streinth of a longbow(it looks like one too).
tell me what you think of it please!

So what happens , when this clay pellet that looks like a longbow hits someone?

no,I read about it in ripley's believe it or not
it is a longbow version of a slingshot,though I suspect it could be the way you describe. 8)

If it was done by aboriginals what makes this a new weapon? Either way I can't imagine it's even remotely as dangerous as the longbow or crossbow.

Not as deadly as a longbow or crossbow is still quite lethal against an unarmored opponent. I'd think something along the lines of +4 damage or thereabouts would be appropriate, given that that stone accelerates a great deal on the way off the bow (the same reason that the longbow is a "better" weapon in skilled hands than a crossbow... longer acceleration time = more range and power, despite the crossbow's higher pull).

Either way, it would certainly hurt, even if it lacked the penetration to pierce mail.

yes that is the general idea.

There are two ways in which this can be approached. The hard way would be to get the slingbow thing and test it against a target, then do comparable tests at varying ranges with both the longbow and the crossbow. Or you could do it the old fashioned way and just make it up. If it's just for your game, whatever decision you make is the right one, provided it feels right.


also I thought that this would be a good weapon for primative grogs.

Pellet bows - light bows for clay pellets - were indeed used in medieval Europe: for the hunting of certain water birds in the lagoon of Venice. The clay pellets employed were far less costly than arrows, so one could afford to lose them if they missed and sunk to the lagoon floor.

This hunt from a fast rowboat later became a pastime and test of skill reserved for nobles. We see it still on 18th century paintings by Pietro Longhi. Nobles carrying these bows were also charged with keeping order during certain Venetian regattas - which shows that the pellets were quite harmless if used on people.

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