Newbie-friendly game

Hi All,

I've been really delving into my copy of Ars Magica of late, and consequently have an itch to try and find a game to join. I'd love a PBP game of some stripe, as long as it's open to newbies and set somewhere in mythic Europe. :slight_smile: I have copies of Heirs to Merlin and the Lion and Lily, though am open to other places and times if the group so prefers. I'd love to get a chance to try out these rules in practice.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

I am also still looking for a game. Perhaps we can join up here and maybe get a game going together?

it's been a goooood long while since I last played AM (back in the days of the 4th Ed.) but I was looking at my books and I really would like to join an AM 5th game, so I quite second the proposal above.

Hey, if you guys are going to start a game, I'd love to join as a player. I've been running a game for some six months now, so I can help out a little bit providing nonbinding advice on rulings and stuff, but I'm really more interested in joining as a player.

I would love to join a game, but as a storyteller I have too much enthusiasm for complexity to really be newbie-friendly.

We are looking for a complexity-friendly storyteller.

who is we, and where is the discussion regarding this?