Newbie looking for a game

Hey I'm fairly new to RPGs in general and the current ArM game I'm in is coming to a rather abrupt end. I have what I'd consider a decent understanding of the rules but I am pretty new to the system overall.

I'm from Australia so timezones will be something to work around for any internet games.

Praesidium Orae could use another payer or two. We are still in the pre-game phase (or more accurately the pre-pre-game phase)

What's the basic idea/premise for this game?

Intrigue in the Roman tribunal, with a quick background from 1100 AD to 1220 AD.

Seems kind of interesting, I notice you're doing a create a parens + an apprentice character for the saga, how exactly does this work?I've never played or taken an apprentice in-game before so how will this work exactly, like if I have a particular idea for a character do I basically have to design the parens character in a way that facilitates that?

also I have no idea about how virtues and flaws for child characters work, if they are any different.

Basically you will design the parens you want to have, but someone else will play them. Most flaws and virtues can be taken as a child, though there are exceptions which can still be paired with childhood flaws for the character to grow into.

Hmm, only problem with this is that I don't have access to the apprentices book, are the rules for apprentices in that book incredibly important to how this will play out?

Not incredibly, there are some virtues and flaws for children which will have transitory importance- the biggest issue would be learning virtues, whether house virtues or hermetic virtues, which we can easily guide you through special cases for your characters.

Crawfs - where in Aus are you? I'm in inner eastern burbs of Melbourne.

Similar place, around the eastern suburbs.

I could definitely use another player or two, but I'm not sure we can manage the 13h difference...

We play every other Tuesday at 7pm EST.

Thanks for the offer but that would be 11am on a Wednesday I believe, which while I'd love to commit to isn't possible what with work and all.

Thanks for the offer though I really appreciate it.

Yeah I did not think so, too bad :frowning:

Good luck!

Hey, Im from Queens, too, and am looking into starting this business as well.

Would you be interested in chatting at all? Maybe we can help each other get started, share info, etc.