Newbie Question about a Faerie Duration

In HoH:MC, the Illusion Mysteries include a Duration called While, which is described as follows:

While (Condition) (Duration):
The target must perform some activity, such as a musical performance or reading a book, or fulfill some common and temporary physical condition, such as sleeping or being drunk. As long as that condition lasts, the spell remains in effect. This is the same level as Concentration.

Does this mean that a spell with this Duration can only be cast on living beings? Or could you, I dunno, cast a spell on an inanimate object like a rock, and have it remain active for as long as the caster is singing or reading?


The target has to fulfill the condition, though even inanimate objects can fulfill some conditions for example a sword might have an effect cast upon it while it is embedded in a stone...

So, as an example, could you cast a spell on a rock that recently got soaked in a downpour, and use the Condition: While Wet with Rainwater?

Basically, the spell ends when the rock dries naturally.