News and Gossip

This thread will be used for me to drop news and gossip on y'all. You may presume it comes from a Redcap, other than Renaud, you may feel free to quote this and make deeper inquiries or use it as a spring board for letters or story ideas.

In Autumn of 1222, the big huge bit of gossip from the Stonehenge Tribunal is that Iudicium has been expelled from Blackthorn and has joined Voluntas, which is seen as a major misstep for the normally politically astute covenant and a huge coup for Voluntas.

About a year before the Tribunal, sometime in 1226 rumors from redcaps indicate that Spider's Palace, Florum and Requies Aeterna will not be in attendance. Also, rumor has it that, despite Proctor's wishes, Celeres scholae Bonisagus is asserting his right to be named Praeco and has relocated to Confluensis, along with 3 of his so-called "knights."

These rumors are confirmed by any redcap.

In 1224 rumor spreads that Rotgiers de Gerberoy has left House Tremere and has joined House Flambeau.

I don't have a place to put this...but the end result is that the magi of Mons Electi hear that Valerian has been recalled from Confluensis by his House and now has a seat on the Magvillus council... The PC's don't know the reason for that, but I'll share it with the players...

Bilera is in her garden tending her roses, stopping at one now and again, as if to listen. A tall man walks in and stops a respectful distance behind her, without indicating his presence. Without turning, she says calmly, “Ah, Valerian. So good of you to join me.” The steel in her voice suggests that her invitation was not optional.
“Of course, Prima. I am an ever a loyal servant of the House.” Valerian's curt reply displays no trace or hint of annoyance, though inside he seethes with annoyance and frustration.

Bilera turns and steps off the box she was using to tend to her plants and walks over to Valerian who towers above her. “Yes, you have generally been a faithful servant of the House, however you have a sense of Hubris that would put a Verditius to shame. Need I remind you that you are not invulnerable?” Valerian stands mutely before her and prepares his demeanor for a mental dressing down. His new familiar, a leopard is at his side pacing and eyeing Bilera as if she would be a tasty morsel.
Bilera fixes the leopard a steely look and it proceeds to lie down, suitably chastened. “You should not have moved against Tria. That was unwise, and even now you should plainly see that in hindsight. I am more than capable of determining when to move against someone and do not require your assistance. Your move against Apollodorus was not as fully effective as I would have hoped, and it most certainly wasn’t sanctioned, either. Your performance at the last Normandy Tribunal was scandalous and finally, this bungled attempt against Tria. You’ve set our plans back a good half century.

“So, I’ve decided to give you that which you’ve always desired. You have a seat at the council. You’re recalled to Magvillus, effective immediately. Do not think for a moment that this is a reward. This is a leash. You may go and make your arrangements.”

Valerian looks calmly at Bilera, “But what about Apolldorus’s library? We have not yet destroyed it.”

Bilera looks at Valerian calmly, “That matter has been reassigned and all future information regarding it is compartmentalized. I will become… cross if you should interfere. Do you understand?” Valerian knows full well what she means, and despite his considerable prowess, even he couldn’t withstand being Orbus, and he is quite certain that he would be effectively barred from almost every House thanks to Tria and those meddlers of Mons Electi.

Bilera turns back to her roses and Valerian and his leopard leave at the unspoken dismissal.