Table talk (Bibracte)

Man ... I really want a dancing monkey butler now.
Actually as a player I really like the plan-five-years-at-a-time thing for a maga character. Slow advancement always makes me chafe at the bit. I can see how it's harder for an SG though. Originally I left a few seasons empty in the planner, and that helped Tranquillina take on a couple of lab projects for the Tribunal (it's all but filled by now though).

Just a heads-up: if you haven't heard, Hurricane Sandy is due to hit land Monday evening, and is supposed to be incredibly big. I'm 125 miles (200 km) inland from the nearest point on the coast and 170 miles (275 km) from where it's expected to hit landfall. Because of the high winds and heavy rain, even as far in as I am, they're talking about power outages that could last for several days. To be honest, I would be surprised if we lose power for more than a few hours, if that...but if I disappear this week, that's why.

I've been swamped at work and home (not weather related though).

Should be able to post tomorrow. Good luck and God Bless everyone that might be near the storm.

I'm probably done for the day. We don't have power at the house. Going to conserve the phone and iPad.

Hmmm...was I detecting grudging respect or scorn from Rotgers on the Road to Bibracte? Did he switch Houses?

Respect? When he wasn't budging and expecting Roberto and his party to go through the small passage between his men?

:blush: Well I was more thinking of respect for Alexei...

Mighty was italicized and SMALL was in caps. It was meant to be subtle sarcasm. It's possible that Roberto didn't catch it, but the players should definitely catch it.

Yeah but then he shut his men up for laughing too hard.

No matter, I'll slap him around again if he gets uppity.

Keep your Perdo hand strong!

I changed the name of this thread, because I wanted to have some differentiation between this thread and other threads from other sagas... I like to know where I'm going before I get there, and I rely heavily on email notifications. :smiley:

I would like to think it is the second one :slight_smile:

Doesn't the subject line in your email notification tell you which forum/thread you're being notified about? Mine does.

Nope, not at all. Just the forum name.
Maybe it's a control panel thing?

Do you subscribe to the individual threads,or to the forum? I subscribe to all the forums ("fora" doesn't work for me, I don't care what anybody says) that I play in, even the ones that aren't active anymore (like Legacy of Rome and possibly Mystikae Eikona, which has been depressingly quiet again lately), and the threads on the main forum that I start or have a vested interest in.

I just checked, and I still have the "Subscribe Topic" option on the bottom of this thread, but on the main page, that box is toggled to "Unsubscribe Forum".

I have the fora (:P) subscribed, and I have it checked to subscribe to every thread I post in. So, I get an email with the name of the thread in the title. If I've never posted in a thread, it will detail the forum and the thread, like you said. I don't like that, because I have to read more of the message to know where I'm going. With a forum thread, I typically know where I'm going no matter what. The exception has been Table Talk, because here and in Canaries, it's the same name, so I never knew which forum I would be looking at...
And then, if I don't subscribe to threads, and just the forum, I'll miss emails indicating other posts to the forum in other threads, I think. It's rare, but it does happen that two people post in a thread before I've read it. :smiley:

So, I've figured out the true inspiration for my discontinuous and out of order time streaming... The Taltos novels by Steven Brust. Extremely enjoyable short novels that can really suck you in.

I see you have taken Korvin's point of view in the Case of the Reluctant Redcaps. I just have to sit there and nod ( and make notes for which Magi could have some trouble in the future). :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to lean that way, yes.

It is generally unwise to torque off the Redcaps, and the magi talking, trying to make things better is only making things worse. :smiley:

I don't subscribe to the view that a previous player had that House Mercere was the most powerful/best House ever. The House can't really exist without the Order, and can't be a parasite on the Order, either. It's a symbiotic arrangement, and almost all magi should really understand it, and act accordingly in public. :smiley:

As i said to the Bishop. Servants. Powerful and very useful servants. Not ones to piss off.