Next Ars MAgica Books

Does anyone knows the next Ars AMgica Boks that Atlas will release?

Ha! I was just trying to search the forum for the same info. Seems like there was some mention of it, but I can't find anything. Something about something akin to Ordo Nobilis?

Back on July 16th here:

Michelle said," Next up is Lords of Men, which is the 5th Edition take on Ordo Nobilis. It's TENTATIVELY scheduled for January, but hasn't been officially announced yet ... as many of you know John and I are expecting two new additions to our family next month, so pretty much the entire 2nd half of the year is tentative at this point. :wink:"

There was also a most unnerving hint about Faerie Magic being tweaked in the nearby future, over at the hybrid-rules thread. Still don't know what that meant...

Could you please give us a link to that precise post?


And see related posts,

Nothing definite, but it looks like Mark Lawford wrote something about Faerie Magic that is still under an NDA. At least, that's how my paranoid mind reads this...

I am fairly certain that Mark was referring to the Magi of Hermes books, which is in stores now. I haven't read the book yet, so I cannot be more helpful.

I'm not entirely sure (Serf's Parma), but I believe Mark may be referring to Scipio who IIRC has a few spells that make use of the Faerie Parameters....

There are 14 faerie magic spells in Magi of Hermes, 5 are in the Scipio chapter, The remaining 9 are in the Lambert Chapter.

While I would never knowingly allude to anything covered under NDA... Now that Magi of Hermes is out, I read with interest that Scipio has a number of Faerie Magic spells.

I see. Not quite what I was looking for, but great :slight_smile:

I'd love to see another tribunal book - especially one that details a peripheral tribunal

  • British Isles/Ireland (any or every)
  • Iberia
  • Transsylvania
  • Novgorod (divided into Scandinavia and Russia?)

British Isles at the time was ... interesting. I've been doing some research into just my local area in the 13th century, and it's bizzare. Course, I live in a city who's name comes from a word effectively meaning "boob shaped hill", so heh.

Those were already made for Ars Magica 4th edition. :wink:

Supposing Atlas will make books for the Tribunals not previously published anything about - what would those be then? Hibernia? Greater Alps, or was that one already made?

Sanctuary of Ice (by Timothy Fergusson) covers the Greater Alps tribunal. 4th edition.

From the top of my head, tribunals still to be done:

  • Provençal
  • Transilvanian
  • Thebes
  • Hibernia

the rest have been all covered in one edition or another. Some would really benefit from a rewrite to get rid of some stuff and put them to the research standard of later publications, but they have been covered so far :slight_smile:


I would love to work on a revision of Iberia (and do a proper version of Provencal), but I'm not sure if tribunal books on areas already done should be high priority.

I really like "Sanctuary of Ice" for Greater Alps for many reasons but I don't know if there's anything to gain by upgrading this to ArM5 - Timothy's text is great and when combined with his HoH:Mystery Cults section on Criamon and HoH:Societates on Jerbiton would seem pretty easy to adapt as it's predominantly Story elements rather than mechanics. It was one of the last (?the last) tribunal book written for ArM4 and has a lot of elements that have crept into ArM5 in any case.

I think Hibernia and Transylvania could be really interesting, the latter particularly if Thebes gets a good treatment and they mesh well. Now that Hedge Magic and the RoP books have been done I can see Hibernia being able to fly, whereas before it would be a bit difficult.

I'd love to see stuff on a Vinland Saga or Silk Road Saga or North African Saga, even if it was only along the lines of story ideas etc like in Ancient Magic.



Transsylvania would be interesting. I for one like the 5th ed version of Tremere. Sure, I did play one for a short stint in 4th ed. But my main fascination has been here in 5th ed, and I ended up playing one in one of my current sagas.
A North Africa saga could be an element of a Roman tribunal book, right? I don't know if there was ever anything 4th (or 3rd) ed mention of a Roman covenant with an outpost in Africa, but this was the case in my previous 4th ed sagas. A Mythic Africa book would rock! There seems to be so much potential and so much to describe, that this could fill a book by itself. But whether there is interest and a market for it...

In the 3rd edition Tribunals of Hermes: Rome, they list one covenant in North Africa, specifically Sansaron (page 96) which is located in the ruins of Carthage.
Of course this is only a tease for what could possibly be written....

Personally, I though South of the Sun did an excellent job of covering Africa. At any rate I personally think either Thebes or Transylvania will be the next tribunal book.