Nicholas Maniaces - a Falconer

Nicholas Maniaces - a Falconer

Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Prs +1, Com 0, Str -1, Sta 0, Dex +2, Qik +1

Age: 21, Size: 0, Height: 5'9'', Weight: 9st, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score:1 (3)
Religion: Christian (Eastern Orthodox)

Personality traits: Humble +3
Virtues: Privileged upbringing, Animal Ken, Skinchanger: Raven, Wanderer
Flaws: Magical Animal Companion: Raven, Humble, Weak-willed

[tr][td]Romaic Greek[/td][td]?[/td][td]5[/td][td]-[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Animal Handling[/td][td]taming[/td][td]2[/td][td]2[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Animal Ken[/td][td]birds of prey[/td][td]4[/td][td]2[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Profession: Falconry[/td][td]taming[/td][td]4[/td][td]2[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore:Pindus Mountains[/td][td]geography[/td][td]2[/td][td]-[/td][/tr][/tableborder]


  • leather clothing
  • falconers gloves
  • bow & quiver & arrows
  • walking staff


  • the Raven
  • a tamed Falcon (loyalty +1)

1215 (two free seasons):

  • tame falcon (4+1 > 1 + 2 * 1)
  • increase loyalty to +1
    4x Exposure to Animal Handling, Animal Ken, Profession: Falconry and Hunt

Nicholas Maniaces - a Falconer

Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Prs +1, Com 0, Str -1, Sta 0, Dex +2, Qik +1

Age: 21, Size: 0, Height: 5'9'', Weight: 9st, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score:? (?)
Religion: Christian (Eastern Orthodox)

Personality traits: Humble +3
Virtues (3):
Privileged upbringing (minor general)
Animal Ken (minor supernatural)
Skinchanger: Crow/Raven (minor supernatural)
Wanderer (free social status)
Flaws (3):
Magical Animal Companion: Crow/Raven (minor story)
Humble (minor personality)
Weak-willed (minor personality)

Early Childhood:
[tr][td]Romaic Greek[/td][td]?[/td][td]5[/td][td]0[/td][/tr]

Privileged Upbringing (50xp)

Later Life (5-20 years; 225xp)
[tr][td]Animal Handling[/td][td]taming[/td][td]2[/td][td]15[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Animal Ken[/td][td]birds of prey[/td][td]4[/td][td]50[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Profession: Falconry[/td][td]taming[/td][td]4[/td][td]50[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore:?[/td][td]geography[/td][td]2[/td][td]15[/td][/tr][/tableborder]


  • leather clothing
  • falconers gloves
  • bow & quiver & arrows
  • walking staff

====== Changes needed ======

  • take out the hint to an Enemies flaw (i.e. the noble)
    ====== Changes needed ======

Nicholas was born in 1194 as the eldest son of the falconer of a well respected local noble in Constantinople. He grew up surrounded by birds. He was often at the mews with his father and his father took him out to the hunt.
As Nicholas was fascinated by the birds surrounding his childhood his father started to teach him falconry at the very early age of five.

Nicholas family even shared their house with a raven that his father found the year Nicholas was born. Nicholas and the raven came along very well. Nicholas didn't dare to tell anyone just how well - they communicated, not simple commands that the bird would follow, not a birdcall and Nicholas could tell hunger from thirst, real conversation about life, work, family, love and war. It was in 1204 when Nicholas finally dared to speak about it with his father. The raven urged him to pack his stuff, get his family and flee the city. Unfortunately - though somewhat expected - no one believed him, talking to a bird and leaving home because the bird says so, nah…
Nicholas tried once more but finally had to go on his own. He fled - just before the fall of the city. He was ten years old and lonely if not for the raven. Since then he avoided civilisation as much as possible. He had to work for the little money he needed - he took jobs as a shepherd, as a guide and lately as a falconer. But he spent as much time as possible with the birds of the mountain - and of course the raven.
He learned to survive, he learned to hunt with the birds and with the bow, he learned to speak to the birds. The raven gave him one of his feathers so he could even learn to fly with birds.
The noble that had hired him was unfair to his people and cruel to his beasts so that Nicholas freed them. Although he couldn't prove it he suspected Nicholas involvement and is haunting him ever since.

Lately, the birds of the mountain twitter that a new bird had arrived - special and mighty - Nicholas decided to search and visit him.


Eeeeekkkk!Change name, change name!

Μιχαήλ Κομνηνός Δούκας is the leader of Epirus that died 1 year ago. In fact the Dukas are a family cousins to the Angelus Imperial line. Would definitely needs nobility virtue for that...
I like the story about the raven with the feather and skinchanger. Be aware we got 2 bjornaer in the covenant :slight_smile:
Since you got Falconry, you don't need that much high animal handling (unless you want it for various reasons).

Consider the name changed. I just looked for byzantine medieval names on the internet...

I am unsure how to distinguish falconry from animal handling. I was about to lower falconry because in the end I lost my father and teacher with about ten years...
Which would be used for which? To what degree animal handling replace falconry altogether?

Animal Handling will play the role of social abilities according to Animal Ken.

[tab][/tab] Hmmm, true that. Falconry is a profession, it makes money for the character. Remember, unless wealthy, he needs to spend roughly 2 seasons making money for himself, in this case with falconry (admittedly, shepherds make money using animal handling to raise sheep, but we gloss over that)

Could he not have money at all? I.e. sustain himself by hunting? On the other hand working as falconer could be exactly how he finally obtained an enemy...
If we go for two seasons falconry per year, what should his score be?

If the covenant would be interested in his services I suppose he would spend the two seasons working for the covenant? Independent of taking enemy flaw this would be a good reason to approach the covenant (seeking employment)...

What is your stance about two story flaws, i.e. MAC and Visions?

One difference between animal handling and falconry is probably successfully running a mew, i.e. administrative work, when to hatch (so that supply of trained birds matches demand),...

How is the magical animal companion actually built? Me writing a bit of prose and you coming up with stats?

Added some more background story

Oh, just came to my mind, I can't learn bow - or any other weapon - without a virtue allowing martial abilities... Is that about right?

Need a virtue allowing Weapon: Bow. Privileged upbringing would fit the background story although I would have practiced a lot after I had to leave home - which is kind of disallowed... Warrior doesn't fit the background, I practiced with the bow during hunt, not because I was fighting a lot... I suppose in the end it doesn't matter as I wouldn't spend more than the 50 xp on bow, probably less, so technically I am fine and would just take the freedom to tell stories about learning or practicing bow in the mountain. Any complaints?

Not sure what you mean, eldarin, you can spend your xp on allowed skills however you wish afterwards- within some very general guidelines- if you take Warrior or Privileged Upbringing. It's not merely just those extra xps you may spend, you may further spend other points from later on there.

That's privileged upbringing.
Warrior is indeed different though.

I think that's a very good interpretation. Animal handling does not help you know your customers, evaluate birds, bargain for a good sale, etc.

By RAW, I think, both the profession and animal handling will allow you to raise, train, and use the birds. But is the ease factor the same for both?

It would be nice to get an official house rule up front.

In terms of working for income, it is easiest to explain if you find a trade to pursue on behalf of the covenant. Falconry has not immediate use for the covenant, but you could build up falconry as a source of income. That's a long-term mission, and you would have to train apprentices. Hunt is always a valid cost saving role; I am not sure if you could use falconry/animal handling instead of hunt. The score should be at least 4 to pay your way as a companion. Of course, animal handling will do equally well as a cost saving, tending chicken and two pigs, but that's too mundane for a PC companion. Managing covenant herds is another role which could use a skilled companion, but those skills probably take leadership alongside animal handling. Our current shepherds are Slav, but if we expand, the newcomers are not necessarily going to be Slav.

Summing up I should increase Falconry to 4 again for an income to sustain myself and start to build a falconry business for the covenant. I might develop some leadership, but I do not see it for the start. I potentially reduce hunt a little as I might anyway use birds for hunting. About right?

Something else to keep in mind: when you are in the crow shape, you get the basic skills and virtues of the crow to use, notably Second Sight and Visions. Qualities: Accomplished Flyer, Crafty, Keen Eyesight, Mimicry, Vocal, Base stats should be Predatory bird, but size -4 : Size -4, Str -8, Sta 0, Dex +1, Quik +6, Per +3 (extra +3 on Vision rolls), Com +1...modified by Nicholas's stats

Brawl 2 (dodging), Survival 3 (home terrain), Awareness 4 (food), Athletics 5 (flying), Music 3, Second Sight 1

I believe you can spend seasons in that shape and practice those skills, to raise separate from your human skills (of course Warping may accrue).

(HoH:MC 38-43)

There's also a Raven of Virtue in RoP:M, which should be fairly similar.

It just occurred to me that if you change into crow shape in the presence of your falcons, you may be in mortal danger! :open_mouth:

At this point we need an SG view on the interpretation of abilities.

A score of 4 is critical when you use the cost saving rules in Cov. Only one ability is used, and the saving is 1 + floor(ability/2) in pounds for ordinary specialists. (A falconer is obviously an exotic specialist, who would save more, /if/ the covenant were spending money on falcons in the first place.)

Creating a source of income is troupe/SG judgement. Multiple abilities may contribute in different ways, and the score in one particular ability might not be that critical.

I would hope I can settle this upfront, falcons are trained and I can talk to them in the end. But this might be a hope the SG destroys and you are probably right for falcons I encounter out there in the wild.
I might need to rethink my magic animal companion choice as well - depending on SG comment - as it would be in mortal danger as well near the falcons, wouldn't it.