Nicholas Maniaces - a Falconer

Mmh, I don't see anything I really want to lower (what else did I expect... :smiley:).
Options are

lower falconry or hunt to 2 and add bargain 2
lower bow to 3 and add bargain 2 and leadership 1
keep everything as is and just be bad at negotiations

I'll decide and add a note soon, so that Nicholas can be transcribed this weekend.

So Profession: Falconer is out for hunting with a bird.

I'd suppose finding, catching and breeding birds should be animal handling, though finding might involve hunt as well.

That seems to be what profession is mainly used for.

But can be substituted with animal handling as well.

This doesn't seem to make a difference either...

And lastly this is of limited help to understand what is used for what... Other than above "acquisition" sounds like half of what bargain would be used for.

Should we fix something as house rules?

My general feeling is having Profession: Falconry (or Marshall or Kennel Master) in existence (i.e. an ability that exists) is a major xp penalty for a characters handling animals. Nearly everything should be possible with animal handling as well. Those things that do not fall under animal handling are required in addition to the profession as well.

In the end it is like it is, but it would be good to have it sorted out explicitly.

Now enough ranting, if we at least narrowly agree on what is possible with animal handling alone, I'll go for Profession: Falconry 2 and Bargain 2. (not yet done on the sheet)

[tab][/tab] Transcribed Character. Hunting bow is short. Added Raven stats (his stats not the companions). No armor as far as I see (Heavy leather would be an extra load of 3, for a total encumbrance of 3). How many trained falcons did he have?

One falcon. No armor is fine.

[tab][/tab] Please check entry and tell me if anything is wrong

How detailed should equipment be? Just noticed that Nicholas should have a hunting knife and there will probably be other things as well...

Looks good and complete.

That would be a fabulous place to stay for Nicholas...

Think Arni (loke's magus) was looking at that same spot for his future Lab. Maybe they'll become the best of friends...or the worst of enemies! :slight_smile:

Super lovely magi come first and stinky lowlife companions second - hehe

In this case Nicholas will of course back off immediately. Neither does he want to make enemies, nor does he think he has any right for anything in the covenant. And... he was curious who the eagle was that the birds of the mountain were speaking of, he will certainly not get into conflict with him.

Still sad, because it would have been a brilliant fit for a falconry and its falconer.

P.S. I wouldn't mind the best friends thing at all. Still I don't think sharing the top of the rotunda would be an option - didn't sound like a lot of space up there.

stinky, lowlife what a fabulous welcome :smiley:

I am sure if Nicholas aids Arni in installing desired Focus/Features, etc... he'll be thought of as less stinky and not as low! :laughing:

All meant in jest and hopefully taken as so. It is my strange English sense of humour - lol

No worries...

I know quite well I was ranting. My impression stays however, that "animal handling" professions are nothing but a huge pain in the a**. If I am wrong and you have a clear picture of the differences I'd be happy to learn though.

What does it take in total to train a falcon for hunt?
Taming, increase loyalty (as far as I see fit), does hawking require training? If so, what amount of training is advisable?

[tab][/tab] Again you are confusing two separate actions. You find, you tame, maybe increase loyalty. Then the falcon is ready to go. When hunting with it, use Falconry. Teaching it 'tricks' is a different aspect, one not normally done with birds of prey. Hunting comes naturally to the bird, its instinct. In real life, some species are trained permanently, others last only a little while. In conclusion just need falconry to do all that, in one package. Is the character finished? Should I go over him again?

The books disagree though.

We agreed that I don't need Profession: Falconry for training, right?