Nightwalkers and Other Supernatural Abilities

Let's say you're a Nightwalker who has a non-sensory Supernatural ability, like Hex or Healing.

Can you use that ability through your phantasticum?

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Skimming through the chapter again, I find no explicit statement in favor or against this. Among other powers noted to be common among the Nightwalkers is SH&U, which gives us the following line:

"While patrolling their villages, nightwalkers can detect these curse anchors and note their location. The following day, when they awaken, the nightwalkers remove these charms."

Also, further on we have this line as well, though worth pointing out that much of what Nightwalkers in general can do (Second Sight, Spirit Travel, different forms etc) is also referred to as their powers.

"Some nightwalkers have human phantastica, while others are shaped like animals. Many traditions allow a nightwalker to change between their human form and a particular animal shape at will, or to use particular powers and perform certain tasks."

Personally, I think they should be able to use most Supernatural Abilities while straying, providing they fulfill the usual requirements of said abilities. Humanoid phantasm would thus be required for some powers, such as Healing and Hexing; can't do the incantations if you cannot speak.

Ultimately, its one of those YSMV cases. Up to the DM.

Tricky question. I expect the answer to vary widely.
In particular, Ithink it's neither an automatic no, nor an automatic yes.

It might be worth noting that the phantasticum is that part of a person that would become a ghost after his death; I guess that's the "spirit" (note: not the soul) i.e. the same part that gets enchanted via the mystery of Inscription upon the Soul (TMRE p.69). TMRE p.70 under "Talisman connection" has some discussion about what happens when body and spirit get separated (e.g. Parma goes with the spirit, Form resistance stays with the body). See also the subsequent description about what happens to ghostly magi in the Mystery of the Living Ghost (TMRE p.70). In particular:

Ghostly magi can also cast spells, just as they did in life. These spells are not physical and cannot affect the physical world, but they are realistic illusions. A Perdo Corpus spell might cause a flash
of pain, while a Creo Aquam spell might cause a powerful chill as ghostly waters rush past. However, Imaginem, Mentem, and Vim magics still affect the living normally, as can some Animal (animal minds) and Ignem (light) effects.

This may give some further insight into the question.

I would say that Healing (at least the folk witch one) is physical, so it would not work (though it would appear to work) on physical beings; however, it may work on phantastica. Hex ... I would say it may or may not work, depending on the exact nature of the Hex: a Hex to forget a crucial detail would be ok, one to incur an illness would not. But note that in the Hex description on RoPI we read: "There is always a physical component to the hex (common practices include tying knots in a line, spitting, or giving the target the “evil eye”)". So, I'd say that unless the phantasticum is solid, Hex cannot be used.