Nimbus of Bjornaer

Reserved post for final character

Hi All, and thank you to Trogdor for the invitation.

The character I am designing will be of Clan Arelie with a Golden Eagle Heartbeast, a Hermetic diplomat seeking to help the Covenant of New Atlantis establish itself in this crazy world.

In terms of Arts, Nimbus will be focused on weather magic, with a strong interest in Imaginem as well. I look forward to putting this character together.

Ack, another talkative character? Kill it with fire before it can steal my shtick!

All joking aside, welcome!

Working Post: Abilities, Virtues and Flaws

Int +2
Per 0
Pre +2
Com +2
Str -2
Sta +1
Dex -1
Qik +1

Major Magical Focus: Weather (Major)
Affinity with Auram (minor)
Puissant Auram (minor)
Affinity with Imaginem (minor)
Puissant Imaginem (minor)
Subtle Magic (minor)
Lindengilde Trained (minor)
Social Contacts: House Bjornaer (minor)
Heartbeast: Golden Eagle (House)

Waster of Vis (Major)
Optimistic (Major)
Wrathful (minor)
Careless Sorcerer (minor)
Mentor: Jon Arnsson (minor)
Susceptibility to Divine Power (minor)

I said diplomatic, not talkative ... knowing the difference is key :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't worry, you have thirteen tribunals to try and convince. There are plenty of talky plots to go around. :slight_smile:

Pshh, sounds like semantics to me! Though again, I jest.

I absolutely love Auram Weather Mages, so I can't wait to see where you go with this.

Background Timeline:

Nimbus was born in 1168
Began Apprenticeship in 1178 to Jon Arnsson of Crintera
Initiation of Heartbeast in 1179
Finished Apprenticeship in 1193
First Cycle 1194-1200
Second Cycle 1201-1207
Third Cycle 1208-1214
Fourth Cycle 1215-1221

Thanks Andern, I'm honestly looking forward to it myself. This is a more experienced character than I've built before so I'm very curious to see how it goes. I am certainly open to suggestion on more powerful weather magics.

Early Life and Apprenticeship (1167-1192)

Childhood and Early Life: 145 xp

Low German 5
Area Lore 2
Athletics (Endurance) 1
Awareness (Alertness) 1
Bargain (Books) 1
Carouse (Games of Chance) 2
Charm (Magi) 3
Etiquette (Nobility) 2
Folk Ken (Magi) 3
Guile (Magi) 2
Hunt (Tracking) 1
Intrigue (Magi) 2
Ride (Speed) 1

Apprenticeship (300+30+60)
Gilde Trained (30)
Intrigue Lore 2->3
Order of Hermes Lore (Magi) 2

Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 1
Code of Hermes (Political Intrigue) 1
Concentration (Spells Concentration) 2
Finesse (Imaginem) 1
Latin (Hermetic) 4
Magic Lore (Magical Traditions) 1
Magic Theory (Auram) 3
Parma Magica (Ignem) 1
Penetration (Auram) 2
Profession: Scribe (Illumination) 1
Philosophiae (Ritual Magic) 1
Theology (History) 1

Arts (150)

Creo 5
Intellego 5
Muto 5
Perdo 5
Rego 5

Animal 5
Auram 9+2 (301.5)
Imaginem 9+2 (30

Spells (150+60)

Voice of the Bjornaer Magus MuAn 15

Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu 15
Circling Winds of Protection Cr(Re)Au 20
True Sight of the Air InAu 15
Talons of the Wind Mu(Re)Au 20
Ward Against the Hurricane ReAu 20
Clouds of Thunderous Might ReAu 30

Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm 15
Image Phantom MuIm 20
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20
Wizard's Sidestep ReIm 10

New Spell:
Ward Against the Hurricane
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
Fierce winds do not affect the caster (up to very severe winds).
(Base 10, +2 Sun)

As I prepare for the next steps, I'd be interested in any feedback.

Looks good to me. :slight_smile:

I haven't double checked the numbers, but I can't see any immediate problems.

Background: Early Life and Apprenticeship

Nimbus's early life was relatively unremarkable He was born Wolfgang, the fourth son of a minor German noble in Bavaria. He was a precocious and friendly child, mostly ignored by his ambitious father, but doted upon by a loving mother. His elder brothers became involved in politics, the clergy, and soldiering, leaving young Wolfgang mostly alone. The manifestation of his gift came somewhat late, at the age of nine, and in a relatively minor way. While on a hunting expedition with his eldest brother, they were beset by a raging thunderstorm. Yet strangely, as the two returned home, Wolfgang was untouched by the rain that had soaked the brother and their attendants. The rumor spread, and within a month the family was approached by a robed man, who offered them enough silver for the boy to satisfy certain political ambitions. Thus was Wolfgang brought to Crintera.

He was apprenticed to Jon Arnsson of Bjornaer, a dedicated Harmonist and peacemaker. These were difficult times for such views, as Urgen, Primus of the House, preached violence against the mundane encroachments of the King of Denmark. Christened Nimbus for his facility with winds, Wolfgang was Initiated early in his apprenticeship into the ranks of the Bjornaer. This led to his being granted many privileges in the House, and Nimbus's calm words and strategic mind helped Jon Arnsson maintain peace within the House. He was fostered for a time at Durenmar where he joined the ranks of the Lindengilde, a group noted for its diplomacy. Throughout his apprenticeship, Nimbus spent time visiting various members of his House, trying to persuade them of their interest in being part of the greater projects of the Order. While his words often fell on deaf ears, many of his brethren found his earnest optimism charming, and Nimbus ended his apprenticeship well-liked throughout his House.

As his Apprenticeship finished, Nimbus yearned for greater challenges. The recently-founded Covenant of Thousand Caves in Novgorod was at the centre of controversy in the Tribunal, and in the internal politics of his House. He decided to petition for membership, hoping to keep things calm.


Auram 24/11
Rego 20/11
Imaginem 18/13
Creo 16/15
Intellego 16/15
Muto 16/15
Perdo 16/15
Animal 16/15

Aquam 10/19
Corpus 10/19
Herbam 12/17
Ignem 12/17
Mentem 12/17
Terram 12/17
Vim 10/19

Auram 6/21
Rego 6/21
Imaginem 6/21
Creo 6/21
Intellego 6/21
Muto 6/21
Perdo 6/21
Animal 6/21
Corpus 6/21
Vim 6/21

Magic Theory 8/11
Parma Magica 6/17
House Bjornaer Lore 5/20
Magic Theory 5/20
Intrigue 5/20
Code of Hermes 4/18
Order of Hermes Lore 4/18
Concentration 4/18
Penetration 4/18
Finesse 4/18

Tractati: seven Q13, ten Q12, ten Q11, ten Q10, ten Q9

Lab Qualities:
Mountaintop: -1 Safety, +1 Upkeep, +2 Aesthetics, +2 Au
Superior Tools +1 Upkeep, +1 Safety

Nimbus's first cycle was spent establishing himself at Thousand Caves. Knowing that the existence of the Covenant was controversial throughout te Tribunal, and among his House, he spent much of his time in seclusion, studying the Roots of the Forms he was not particularly acquainted with, as well as honing his areas of specialty and learning a few useful spells.

First Cycle: 1194-1200
Spring: Set Up Lab
Summer: Set Up Lab
Autumn: Read Corpus Book 10 xp 4 (10)
Winter: Read Corpus Book 10 xp 5 (20)

Spring: Read Aquam Book 10 xp 4 (10)
Summer: Read Aquam Book 10 xp 5 (10)
Autumn: Read Herbam Book 12 xp 4 (12)
Winter: Read Herbam Book 12 xp 6 (24)

Spring: Read Ignem Book 12 xp 4 (12)
Summer: Read Ignem Book 12 xp 6 (24)
Autumn: Read Mentem Book 12 xp 4 (12)
Winter: Read Mentem Book 12 xp 6 (24)

Spring: Read Terram Book 12 xp 4 (12)
Summer: Read Terram Book 12 xp 6 (24)
Autumn: Read Vim Book 10 xp 4 (10)
Winter: Read Vim Book 10 xp 5 (20)

Spring: Covenant Service Exposure xp 1 Corpus 6 (21) 1 Vim 6 (21)
Summer: Vis Find 5 Fo Vis xp 6 Animal 6 (21) & 1 Aquam 6 (21)
Autumn: Read Creo Book 16 xp 7 (31)
Winter: Read Intellego Book 16 xp 7 (31)

Spring: Read Muto Book 16 xp 7 (31)
Summer: Read Perdo Book 16 xp 7 (31)
Autumn: Read Rego Book 20 xp 7 (35)
Winter: Read Auram Book 36 xp 12+2 (81)

Spring: Read Imaginem Book 27 xp 11+2 (72)
Summer: Read Lab Text The Incantation of Lightning CrAu 35
Autumn: Read Lab Text: Soothe Pains of the Beast CrAn 20
Winter: Read Lab Text: True Rest of the Injured Brute CrAn 20

Correspondence XP: 24 MT
MP: 18
Fo Vis: 23

Cr 7 (31)
In 7 (31)
Mu 7 (31)
Pe 7 (31)
Re 7 (35)

An 6
Aq 6
Au 12+2 (81)
Co 6
He 6 (24)
Ig 6 (24)
Im 11+2 (72)
Me 6 (24)
Te 6 (24)
Vi 6

Magic Theory 4 (54)

Nimbus's Second cycle involved exploring the Novgorod Tribunal to better acquaint himself with the local politics. Along the way, he began to learn more about his House and his own heritage.

Initiation Year 1:
Spring: Read book on House Bjornaer Lore (xp total : 20)
Summer: Read book on House Bjornaer Lore (xp total : 40)
Autumn: Read book on House Bjornaer Lore (xp total : 60)
Winter: Meet Friend 7xp

Initiation Year 2:
Spring: Mystagog 7xp
Summer: Quest 7xp
Autumn: Mystagog 7xp
Winter: Initiation: Mystery of the ...

Trying something new:

Ex Misc

Shapeshifter (House)
Puissant Corpus (House)
Improved Characteristics x2 (minor x2)
Major Magical Focus: Weather (Major)
Affinity with Auram (minor)
Puissant Auram (minor)
Affinity with Corpus (minor)
Large (minor)
Warrior (minor)

Necessary Condition: Runes (House)

The change is fine.

Fair warning, though, this game will have a lot of political intrigue and other social interaction. This may amplify the effective negative impact of Blatant Gift. Granted, a lot of interaction will be with magi who have Parma Magica, but not all.

You do you mate, looking forward to the finished concept!

... Says the man who has changed concepts at least three times.

Thanks guys. I'm still toying with the concept, trying to figure out what elements of the character are 'core' to the character, and what are just window-dressing. And thanks for the tip about Blatant Gift. I'm not set on it, so I'll consider how things go.