Nix Corium Grimsdottir ex Bjornaer

What area is the area lore for?
I would suggest having Nix join Castra Pisces, though she seems to be written for Flam. The standard rules for post gauntlet apply- if you want to initiate mysteries (and I prefer this be done in story, but won't require it) then we have to go through that- mystery cult houses being more standard than other mysteries.

Area lores for Novgorod

Novgorod is a very large area, are you sure you don't want to narrow that down?

Lets nail it down to the kingdom of Norway

Is she also coming to Flåm? Or where?

To be clear, Castra isces is on the Black Sea, not in Norway. Your character could be from Norway and joining Castra Pisces if you wish, but I want to make sure the decisions are being made from a constant of understanding. Also Flam is finished and full per calculation- a new magus could be added post-beginning as part of the story, but by comparison Castra Pisces was hovering between a 3 magus and 4 magus covenant with one NPC magus and counting the redcap, so your character could be inserted without it having to be post-beginning or requiring a design retcon (though honestly Pisces may require that anyways on review...)

Let me take a full few read throughs of both covenants and I'll make a decision from there. Imma keep the area lore specialty either way.

Having taken the time on this, I think Nix honestly would be best suited for Flåm.

I will work on a companion for Castra.

@silveroak anything else i need to do to make her ready to go?

You need 5 levels in spells, I'm also going to have you change area lore from Novgorod to Norway, simply because Novgorod is so large.
other than that it is a matter of working out how you will be introduced to the covenant- I'm thinking she has finished up an apprenticeship at Sinus Wotanis, probably did the gathering of 12 years in the summer of 1202, and asks about joining Flam...

Alright, Lore changed to Norway, added Conjure the Sturdy Vine [V,Sun,Ind] 5. That sounds like a perfect tie in. Thanks!