No new spells in 2010?

I was up early reading Art and Academe, while doing so I came upon "Hearing the Silent Chorus" and realized immediately that I had neglected to add this spell to my big spell index so I slipped downstairs to my computer and added it. When I brought up the file to make the addition, I realized that I hadn't saved the file since December 2009.

I just want to make sure I'm right about this (in other words it's not commentary, it's a request to point out anything that I missed). There is not one new spell for hermetic magi in Lords of Men, The Sundered Eagle, or Rival Magic.

There are at least a few hermetic spells in LoM, but none in RM. I don't have TSE with me ATM. :blush:

I found the siege magic spells on page 116 (and wanted to kick myself because I was the fellow who reported the errata on Seal the Breach so I'd certainly seen them before) are there any others?

OK, I looked through all three books and the "Siege Magic" spells in Lords of Men were indeed the only ones I could find. Looks like your database is still up to date...

Speaking of Errata:
Conjuration of Bread , CrHe 35
Base 03 , +01 Touch , +02 Group , +05 Size

Won't this create 10x(base individual equivalent) loaves of bread that are 10,000 times standard size?
As the Base Individual for Herbam is a plant roughly one pace in each direction.

Raise the Siege , ReMe 35 (not 30)
Base 05 , +04 Arc , +02 Sun (not +01)

This is not an Individual, but a Group spell. Therefore the group is 10,000 larger. If you "desire" to "split up" into 10 giant breads, you can. You need to read Targets and Sizes, ArM5 p113.

Such a humongeous giant bread may be a great way to break a siege though :slight_smile:
Especially one with hard crust.