non-Hermetic equivalent to Mythic Blood?

Perhaps in one of the books I don't have, is there the equivalent of Mythic Blood for nonHermetic wizards ?

Just considering the possibility, among others, that Dav'nalleus left descendants, and you get a Gifted descendant.

The only one that comes to mind if Hyperborean descent.

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Yeah, I’d follow the Hyperborean Desccent thing, give some minor virtue related to that tradition. You may also want to alter the fatigue thing if fatigue is not such an issue for those sorts of hedgies but that’s gonna be even more tradition specific and I don’t really know enough about the specific traditions to make suggestions on that.

There is blood of heroes...


Mythic Blood works just fine for all traditions. With Hedge Traditions that have Arts (whether they are normal Arts or Difficult Arts, it doesn't matter) they work without any need for alterations.

The Rival Magic gives us an example of how Mythic Blood would work for Traditions that have Abilities as well. For example; one of the Muspelli has Mythic Blood: Urdur (one of the Muspelli Patrons). For Muspelli, who have Supernatural Abilities rather then Arts, the Mythic Blood grants the virtue "Puissant Muspelli Lore".

Either way, talk to your DM.
Other things Hedgies could get (if Focus doesn't work) could be...Potent Magic (Sorginas have access to this, for example), Special Circumstances, Puissant (Supernatural) Ability, etc.

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And then we have the vitkir who can take Mythic Blood while not having any Arts. They do get their own version of Magical Focus though.

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