Non-Hermetic Grimoire

The muspelli are able to perform a wide variety of Trolldomur effects depending upon the particular suite of supernatural abilities granted by their respective Jotun patron.

Blue Moon
(Hex 15)
Range: Arcane Connection. Duration: Moon. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur has no effect until the rising of the new moon, at which point the victim begins to suffer a variety of minor injuries and humiliations which persist for a full lunar month (28 days). One of the less harmful applications of Hex, muspelli use this effect when they wish to express their displeasure in a non-lethal way.
(Base 6, +9 Moon, +0 Month Delay)

Command the Fallen Turb
(Valgaldrar 30)
Range: Touch. Duration: Year. Target: Group.
This trolldomur causes up to ten human corpses to rise from the dead, serving the muspelli for a year before returning to their eternal slumber. Each of The animated corpses has a Might of 9 and will faithfully fulfill any orders given by the muspelli provided that a successful Commanding roll is made.
(Base 18, +9 Year, +3 Group)

Donkey Curse
(Shapeshifter 21)
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Until. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur transforms the target into a donkey until a particular condition comes to pass. In addition to being a convenient way to neutralize enemies, more than one muspelli has earned his living by selling transformed humans as beasts of burden.
One makhai living in Italy has reputedly developed a version of this effect with a target of Boundary, allowing him to transform an entire island’s worth of victims with just a single casting!
(Base 9, +3 Eye-Contact, +9 Until)

Drown the World
(Storm’s Eye 24)
Range: Sight. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur conjures up rainstorm of biblical proportions. On land, the storm is powerful enough to wash out roads, drown crops and flood towns. Those at sea when a storm of this calibre strikes are unlikely to survive the experience.
(Base 18, +6 Sight)

Fan the Bellows
(Wildfire 24)
Range: Sight. Duration: Diameter. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur causes a single fire with a volume of ten cubic paces or less to flare out violently to twice its regular size for two minutes. The exact damage caused by this effect is dependent on both the heat of the fire and the degree of exposure (See Ars Magica 5th Edition, page 181), but in any case the effect proves a useful distraction.
(Base 15, +3 Sight, +3 Diameter, +3 Size)

Find the Lost Trinket
(Spadomur 21)
Range: Arcane Connection. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur allows the muspelli to divine the location a person or object to which she possesses an active Arcane Connection. Note that if the caster uses a piece of colorless crystal, she receives a +3 bonus to her Casting Total when performing this effect.
(Base 15, +6 Lengthy explanation)

Forced Friendship
(Entrancement 24)
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Lifetime. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur forces the target to obey any “Innocuous” commands from the caster from the remainder of her life. While this effect cannot overcome the negative effects of The Gift, the victim will eventually grow acclimatized to the muspelli’s Gift potentially allowing a real friendship to take shape given enough time.
(Base 9, +15 Lifetime)

Guise of Youthful Vigor
(Sjonhverfing 18)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur creates magically generated visual and auditory species which are superimposed over the real species shed by the caster. Most muspelli use this effect to appear as a comely young man or woman though Giant-Blooded muspelli must generally content themselves with appearing to be pigs or some other form of livestock...
(Base 15, +3 Affects hearing)

Summon the Ravenous Swarm
(Summon Animals 18)
Range: Arcane Connection. Duration: Momentary. Target: Group.
This trolldomur summons a horde of ravenous insects to the caster. While the muspelli has no special control over the insects he summons, they need no prompting to eat which they do with gusto! The exact number of locusts summoned depends on the caster’s Summon Animals score, but will be at least 3,000,000. This effect is used sparingly, however, as the locusts often continue to wreak destruction long after they were originally summoned by some unthinking muspelli.
(Base 9, +3 Arcane Connection, +6 Size)

Treading the Frozen Path
(Winter’s Breath 21)
Range: Voice. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This trolldomur freezes any body of water one-hundred paces or less in diameter solid enough to bear the weight of a grown man. Furthermore, the savage chill forces all those exposed to the cold to make a Deprivation roll every 30 minutes or suffer +9 damage from frostbite (See Rival Magic page 105). Snow and ice produced by this effect are magically preserved for Sun duration, but melt normally thereafter in accordance with the ambient air temperature.
(Base 18, +3 Sun)

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The exotic magics wielded by the soqotrans sorcerers (Rival Magic) present a number of novel spell design options, many of them impossible to accomplish with hermetic magic.

Breath of the Fish
Cinnabar 24
Range: Personal. Duration: Perpetual. Target Individual.
This spell renders the caster immune to drowning though he must still beware aquatic predators and the other hazards of the deep. This effect is especially useful to those sorcerers involved in salvaging cargo from sunken ships.
(Base 12, +12 Perpetual)

Dancing Fool
Olibanum 18
Range: Voice. Duration: Censer. Target: Individual.
This spell causes the target to caper and prance about stupidly for the caster’s amusement. The exact dance performed varies from casting to casting, but the movements entailed always prevent the victim from attacking others or escaping.
(Base 9, +6 Voice, +3 Censer)

Know No Fear
Cinnabar 15
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Group.
This spell grants the targets a +3 bonus on any Personality Trait rolls made to resist fear. This effect is typically performed on a group of Soqotran just before they are sent into battle, preserving their pre-battle exuberance through the vicissitudes of war.
(Base 0, +3 Touch, +6 Sun, +6 Group)

Mend the Blinded Eye
Aloe 18
Range: Touch. Duration: Regrowth. Target: Individual.
This spell repairs a damaged eye, fully restoring the patient’s vision. The magic takes twelve to twenty-four hours to do its work and is extraordinarily painful for the target, but at its completion, the patient’s eyes are once again in perfect working order.
(Base 15, +3 Touch)

Resurrection of the Fallen Beast
Aloe 27, Ritual
Range: Touch. Duration: Regrowth. Target: Individual.
This ritual returns to life an animal of size +1 or less so long as the corpse is physically intact. This spell is most often used to resurrect stillborn lambs, but may be cast on other livestock as well, particularly when used in conjunction with Suitability for Burial.
(Base 24, +3 Touch)

Seeding the Tasty Morsel
Aloe 21
Range: Touch. Duration: Regrowth. Target: Individual.
This spell imbues a piece of bread with the regenerative capacity normally found in living flesh. Thus a crumb sized piece of bread ensorcelled with this effect and tossed into a pile of dried leaves would, over the course of twelve to twenty-four hours, regenerate itself into a whole loaf, consuming the leaves as part of the process.
(Base 18, +3 Touch)

Shun the Deadly Sting
Cinnabar 18
Range: Touch. Duration: Moon. Target: Individual.
This spell grants the target a +9 bonus on rolls to resist Scorpion Venom. This effectively means that the character must Botch to fail the check. Although this particular effect only applies to scorpion venom, the Cinnabar Tribes knows similar spells for most poisonous creatures that are indigenous to the island of Soqotra.
(Base 6, +3 Touch, +9 Moon)

Twisting the Face
Myrrh 24
Range: Voice. Duration: Perpetual. Target: Individual.
This spell maliciously twists the victim’s face into a cruel parody of its former self, imposing the “Disfigured” flaw upon the target.
(Base 6, +6 Voice, +12 Perpetual)

Uncanny Throw
Olibanum 3
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Incense.
This spell causes the caster’s harvesting knife to dart from his hand and imbed itself in the chest of the designated target causing +5 damage. While inferior to Harvesting Knife in most respects, this spell’s superior range and the fact that at least one hit is guaranteed, make it popular with young sorcerers who want a simple self-defense spell.
(Base 0, +6 Voice, -3 Incense)

Walk Among the Shadows
Myrrh 12
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell grants the recipient the power of invisibility. From a mechanical standpoint, the target gains the “Lesser Faerie Power” virtue associated with the Faerie Power: Invisibility (See Realms of Power: Faerie, page 62 for details) which he can activate by simply spending a level of Long-Term Fatigue and concentrating for a moment.
(Base 3, +3 Touch, +6 Sun)

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A few more M&P effects designed using the rules in Realms of Power: The Divine. I should probably note that this post doesn't really have anything to do with The Church, that book being more focused on the mundane institution than the inscrutable power of the Dominion. I just wanted to post a few more fun effects.

Divine Prophecy
(Meditation, Understanding, Level 35)
Range: Personal. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This miracle grants the caster a prophetic vision pertaining to her immediate future. Though infallible, divine visions of this sort are often highly allegorical so their meaning may not be readily apparent to the recipient.
(Base 35)

Manna from Heaven
(Invocation, Wonders, Level 30)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Group.
This miracle summons enough real, nourishing, food to feed 1,000 people. The exact type of foodstuff created varies according to the caster’s will, but nonperishable provisions such as dried fruit are most common since any exess can be stored away for later use.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +2 Size)

Rally the Faithful
(Invocation, Blessing, Level 20)
Range: Personal. Duration: Sabbath. Target: Individual.
This miracle blesses the caster with great charisma as represented by the “Inspirational” virtue. Along with the ability to deliver rousing speeches, this virtue also allows the caster to exert "Holy Influence" on anyone he can convince to listen to him without regard to spiritual authority (See Realms of Power: The Divine, page 38 for details).
(Base 10, +2 Sabbath)

Succor from Babel’s Curse
(Meditation, Intervention, Level 15)
Range: Personal. Duration: Sabbath. Target: Individual.
This miracle allows the caster to understand any spoken language for the duration of the effect. This power doesn’t confer any ability to speak other languages, however, so Range and Target must be increased to facilitate two-way communication.
(Base 5, + 2 Sabbath)

Undo the Most Vile Curse
(Purity, Adjuration General)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This miracle calls upon the protective powers of the Dominion to instantly dispel any ongoing supernatural effect with an effective level of (Level) or less. This effect is perhaps the most widely practiced of all Holy Methods & Power combinations, allowing members of all Divine religions to protect themselves against hostile magics.
Example: The Level 25 version of this effect can expunge any ongoing supernatural effects of up to 25th level while the Level 50 variation is capable of nullifying effects of level 50th or less.
(General, +2 Voice)

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In the same vein as my last submission, I humbly present five new M&P effects designed as per Realms of Power: The Infernal. As with my earlier entries they’re somewhat derivative, but perhaps someone out there will find them useful.

Curse of the Forgotten
(Debauchery, Phantasm, Level 30)
Range: Touch. Duration: Forsaken. Target: Individual.
This maleficium renders the victim completely imperceptible to any of the five senses. Literate characters might be able to communicate with their comrades through written messages, but most victims of this cruel enchantment gradually go mad from the isolation instead, their tormented souls becoming infernal ghosts that a skilled goeticist can easily bend to her will.
Note: Due to its “Forsaken” duration, this curse is not considered to be an ongoing effect and so cannot be magically dispelled. Should the target ever sincerely repent his sins, however, the power will be instantly abolished.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +4 Forsaken)

Impel the Expedient Missile
(Incantation, Effusion, General)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This maleficium causes a single inanimate object within range of the caster’s voice to streak toward the target with sufficient force to cause damage equal (Level - 10). Many infernalists carry daggers or arrows for use with this effect, but it works just as well for throwing various sundry items such as stones, horseshoes or barrels.
Example: The Level 15 version of this effect inflicts +5 damage while targets of the Level 40 variation would suffer +30 damage.
(Base effect, +2 Voice)

Only the Good Die Young
(Incantation, Consumption, Level 50)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This maleficium transfers a point of Decrepitude from the target to the victim both of whom must both be within range for the effect to succeed. Powerful infernalists will often have more efficient ways of extending their own lifespan, but this effect is sometimes employed on behalf of favoured servants or retainers.
(Base: 40, +2 Voice)

The Wastrel’s Conceit
(Debauchery, Psychomachia, Level 20)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This maleficium grants the target a Confidence point so long as he/she currently has fewer than (Confidence Score x 5). Diabolists with high Confidence Scores make frequent use of this effect, finding the temporary Fatigue/Health cost of this maleficium a small price to pay in return for additional Confidence with which to fuel their ungodly incantations.
(Base 15, +1 Touch)

Vitiate the Magician’s Prize
(Incantation, Diablerie, Level 35)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This maleficium transforms a pawn of ordinary Vis into Vis Prava (See Realms of Power: The Infernal, page 44 for details on Infernal Vis). This effect is most often used to improve the potency of Vis prior to use in an infernal rite, but can also act as a devious booby-trap should some unsuspecting magus attempt to make use of it.
(Base 30, +1 Touch)

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Here are five new hyperborean hymns designed according to the rules in Ancient Magic. I think they do a fairly good job highlighting the advantages of hyperborean magic over its hermetic equivalents. Hopefully you readers will like them as well.

Blessed Apollo’s Healing Touch
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
Corpus, Pen +0, 6 uses/day
This hymn calls upon the healing aspect of Apollo Akesios, improving the severity of a wound by one place (Medium Wounds become Light Wounds, for example). Used cumulatively, this is a very efficient way of healing wounds though slower than Blessing of the Solar Body and consequently less suited for use in combat situations.
(Base 25, +1 Touch; +3 Uses/Day)
Ease Factor: 11.
Level Cost: 33.
Principle: Good Health (Semesilam)

Gift of Grey-Eyed Athena
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
Mentem, Pen +0, 1 use/day
This hymn magically strengthens the target’s intellect, permanently increasing his Intelligence characteristic by one point (to a maximum value of +5). This hymn is difficult to learn and of limited benefit to the hymnist who invests it, but was nevertheless fairly widespread amongst hyperborean academics in certain communities.
(Base 55, +1 Touch)
Ease Factor: 20.
Level Cost: 60.
Principle: Intellect (Oai)

Manifestation of Divine Radiance
Range: Sight. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
Ignem, Pen +20, 6 uses/day
This hymn allows the hymnist to project a brilliant flash of from his eyes. If the effect penetrates, the target must make a Stamina roll of 9+ to avoid being blinded. If the victim botches, the blindness is permanent. Otherwise, the target makes Stamina rolls each minute to determine when her vision returns. The ancient hyperboreans often learned this hymn for self-defence since it’s debilitating in combat, but only rarely has long-term consequences.
(Base 5, +3 Sight; +10 Penetration, +3 Uses/Day)
Ease Factor: 11.
Level Cost: 33.
Principle: Light (Azai).

Perceive the Hidden Grove
Range: Personal. Duration: Concentration. Target: Sight.
Vim, Pen +0, 12 uses/day
This hymn harnesses the prophetic powers of Apollo, allowing the hymnist to perceive the boundaries of magical regios and by extension the method bys by which adjacent levels of a regione can be accessed. While the hymn described here is specific to magical regios, the hyperboreans were also known to practice a faerie-aligned version.
(Base 3, +1 Concentration, +4 Sight; +4 Uses/Day)
Ease Factor: 8.
Level Cost: 24.
Principle: Auras, sight (Iao).

Quenching Eros’ Torch
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
Mentem, Pen +0, 2 uses/day
This hymn quells the target’s sexual urges for the duration of the effect. Mechanically, this translates into a +3 bonus on Personality Trait rolls to remain chaste. Originally, designed to assist hymnists in maintaining devotional behaviour, this hymn never saw much use because the hyperborean elders viewed it as cheating. Of course, the hymnist who invented the effect being struck impotent by Apollo's avenging aspect didn’t help its popularity either…
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun; +1 Uses/Day)
Ease Factor: 7.
Level Cost: 21.
Principle: Sexuality (Psyrinpheu).

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I wrote up a large bunch of Infernal maleficia, but the whole thing ended-up as an article in sub rosa #7. I hope you enjoy it, Gremlin. If you do, think of it as an appreciative nod to your fine efforts :slight_smile:


Tjis causes warping, right? ivwen the difficulty and (likely) warping, I would not say it is extremely efficient, but hey. MUCH better than the totally nerfed Hermetic version for sure (CHT is not even worth considering as a spell to have now), though :slight_smile: And no vis!

YR7: :blush: Thanks I'm not a subscriber to Sub Rosa (whenever I try to sign up their website's being wonky), but look forward to seeing your article and all the other goodies soon. I really liked your Divine M&P from earlier in the thread!

Xavi: You're right of course. I meant efficient from the caster's PoV since, with repeated applications, it does the same thing as "Blessing of the Solar Body" but is substantially lower in level. Naturally, a patient would seek to avoid the Warping associated with multiple castings, but I simply wasn't thinking about their preferences when I designed the hymn... :blush:

Nothing useful to add but a huge thank you for all the wonderful ideas in this thread!

cj x

Originally described in “The Sundered Eagle: The Theban Tribunal”, Folk Magic uses standard hermetic guidelines and is constrained by all the usual Limits of Magic. Nevertheless, the low casting totals associated with these minor magics necessitates a more frugal application of the spell guidelines than is normally seen in hermetic spellcasting.

Because of the paucity of possible spells of 10th level or less, a small number of the fifteen following effects bear some resemblance to existing hermetic spells. Hopefully, this will not detract from the reader’s enjoyment of them. Collapses

Blessing of Asclepius (Healing)
(Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Moon. Target: Individual.
This charm confers upon the target a +3 bonus to Recovery rolls for the duration of the effect. The casting involves anointing the target with fragrant oils and uttering a series of formalized evocations to both the God of healing and his father Apollo.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)

Constrain the Roving Beast (Abjuration)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Ring. Target: Circle.
This charm prevents mundane beasts from straying beyond the area represented by a clearly designated circle. This rite is most often used to keep animals of opposite sexes away from each other during mating season, but can also be used to help wean young animals. The casting involves scribing a circle in the ground while singing the praises of the Goddess Hestia, guardian of hearth and home.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Ring)

Demeter’s Bane (Evil Eye)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Group.
This charm, a favourite of infernal witches, instantly kills a volume of plants equal to 100 cubic-paces. The casting requires spitting among the affected crops and performing and is generally performed out of simple spite or as punishment for some slight.
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +1 Size)

Disregard the Trifling Injury (Healing)
(Level 4)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charm magically staunches bleeding and sets bones keeping the patient ambulatory until more potent healing is available. In game terms, the target’s injuries are treated as one category less severe for the purpose of “Actions While Injured”. The casting involves constructing a wreath of laurel and placing it around the patient’s neck.
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Ease the Infant’s Passage (Healing)
(Level 5)
Range: Personal. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charm eases childbirth, granting the caster a +1 bonus on any Recovery rolls related to parturition. The casting involves making votive offers to the Goddesses associated with childbirth - Hera, Artemis, Hygeia and Eileithyia.
(Base 3, +2 Sun)

Grip of the Strangling Angel (Evil Eye)
(Level 10)
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This charm forces the victim to make a Stamina roll against an EF of 6. If the target fails, then he or she has contracted the Serious Disease “Garotillo”, the Mythic European equivalent of Diphtheria (see Art & Acadame, pg 49 for details). The casting involves mouthing a blasphemous incantation directed to "the strangling angel" - actually a minor demon.
(Base 5, +1 Eye-Contact)

Hex of the Shabby Steed (Evil Eye)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This charm causes an animal of Size +2 or smaller to lose all of its fur in ugly tangled clumps. The casting involves anointing the unfortunate beast with foul-smelling unguents while directing terrible invectives at both the animal and its owner.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Size)

Lesser Pox (Evil Eye)
(Level 4)
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This charm afflicts the target with an uncomfortable and humiliating rash. The affliction clears up on its own in about a week’s time, but while it persists the victim suffers a -1 penalty to rolls related to social interaction The casting involves making a series of obscene gestures at the victim while giving him the “evil-eye”.
(Base 3, +1 Eye-Contact)

Mark of Nemesis (Divination)
(Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This charm determines whether or not the target is currently experiencing the pangs of guilt. The casting involves reciting a litany of crimes punished by swift-winged Nemesis while holding the target’s hand or looking deep into her eyes.
Note: This charm cannot distinguish whether the subject’s guilt is related to a specific crime, but the magic is useful in rounding up likely suspects. Additionally, at the SG’s discretion some individuals may be immune by virtue of feeling no guilt for their actions.
(Base 5, +1 Touch)

Pan’s Kiss (Abjuration)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charm renders the target proof against any and all attacks by mundane beasts. The casting involves anointing the subject with bitter herbs while petitioning the God of the wilderness to grant the target safe passage through his domain.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Paris’ Sweet Apple (Divination)
(Level 4)
Range: Personal. Duration: Momentary. Target: Taste.
This charm determines whether a coin or a piece of jewellery is made of pure gold or not. The casting involves a brief supplication to Aphrodite followed by licking the item to be investigated. If a bitter taste fills the caster’s mouth, the item is counterfeit.
(Base 4)

Patch the Heinous Injury (Healing)
(Level 5)
Range: Personal. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charm magically stabilizes the caster's wounds, allowing her to act as she wishes with no chance of worsening the condition until the effect has expired. The casting involves drawing arcane symbols corresponding to the nature of the injury on the patient's body.
(Base 3, +2 Sun)

Preserve the Tasty Morsel (Abjuration)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Ring. Target: Circle.
This charm creates a magical barrier impervious to animals and is generally used to prevent animals from getting into food intended for human consumption. The casting involves drawing a chalk circle around the person or object to be protected while burning the flowers of the catmint plant like a type of (foul-smelling) incense.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Ring)

Stymie the Lesser Demon (Abjuration)
Range: Touch. Duration: Ring. Target: Circle.
This charm creates a supernatural barrier that excludes creatures possessing Infernal Might scores of (Level) or less. The casting involves drawing a circle around the perimeter of the warded area and sprinkling holy water in the vicinity. Variations that repel Faerie and Magic beings are also known, but are generally less effective.
Note: While this effect must penetrate a demon’s MR to be effective, it should be remembered that Divine, Faerie and Magic auras all have deleterious effects on powers affiliated with the infernal – including Magic Resistance.

Touch of Hippocrates (Divination)
(Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This charm determines the relative balance of the target’s bodily humours, granting the caster a +1 bonus on her Prognosis roll to treat that particular patient. The casting involves gently palpating the afflicted area in a prescribed manner.
(Base 4, +1 Touch)

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As usual a great bunch of stuff to read. :slight_smile:
Palpitating in a proscribed manner must be highly amusing in certain circumstances however.

Indeed! :laughing: Certainly one of the more amusing typos I've ever made. Still, I suppose I should fix it... procrastinates

The magic employed by the gruagachan (Hedge Magic: Revised Edition) can sometimes seem rather limited in scope. Therefore, it is my hope that the five humble spells presented below will prove illustrative of the tradition’s power.

A Pox Upon Thee
(Give, Curse, Level 20)
Range: Voice. Duration: Geas. Target: Individual.
This spell forces the victim to make a Stamina roll against an EF of 6. If the target fails, he has contracted the Minor Disease “Chaudepysse”, the Mythic European equivalent of Gonorrhoea (See Art & Acadame, pg 48 for details).
Example: A gruagach has noticed one of the young men from the village making eyes at his daughter and places a curse on the youth that should he ever touch the gruagach’s daughter, his body will be ravaged with disease.
(Base 5, +1 Voice, +2 Geas (general))

Balance the Scales of Fate
(Take, Blessing, Level 30)
Range: Voice. Duration: Geas. Target: Group.
This spell acts to deprive the victim of a minor virtue associated with good fortune. In most cases this will be the “Luck” virtue, but the Learned Magician art of “Fortunam” is also a fair target. Unlike the majority of Take/Blessing effects, this spell simply fails if the subject lacks any luck-enhancing virtues since to do otherwise would defeat the purpose.
Example: A gruagach has been called upon to settle a land dispute between two rival families. Both sides have equally valid positions so he decides to draw lots, casting this spell first to guarantee an impartial outcome.
(Base 10, +1 Voice, +2 Limit (general), +1 Group)

Dissolve the Glamour
(Take, Vision, General)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This spell instantly abolishes a visual and/or auditory Illusion brought about by a spell, power or supernatural ability with an effective level of (Level + Stress Die) or less. This effect is especially common among Gifted gruagachan who frequently live far from civilization, and the Dominion, in a variety of faerie-infested wilderness areas.

Stealthy Footfalls of the Highland Cat
(Take, Vision, Level 10)
Range: Personal. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell destroys the auditory species caused by the caster’s footfalls. Mechanically, this translates into a +1 bonus on Stealth rolls for the effect’s duration. Of course, it’s easier for a gruagach to simply transform himself into a stealthy creature with Give/Shape, but this spell has the advantage of letting him keep his hands.
(Base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Changing Image)

Unleash the Salmon of War
(Take, Shape, Level 45)
Range: Voice. Duration: Sun. Target: Group.
This spell transforms a group of up to one hundred men into fish for the duration of the effect. If the targets are on dry land when the transformation occurs, they must immediately commence making Deprivation rolls to avoid suffocating. Soft-hearted gruagachan will sometimes cast this spell with the duration reduced to “Diameter” as a non-lethal variant.
(Base 15, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +1 Group, +1 Size)

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The charms, chartae and amulets employed by the Learned Magicians (Hedge Magic: Revised Edition) can seem somewhat limited in breadth of effect, but are quite potent as I hope the five new effects described below will illustrate.

Amulet of Healthful Aging
(Succurro, Salutem, Level 35)
Range: Touch. Duration: Season. Target: Individual.
This amulet has the power to postpone a Major Aging Crisis for a number of Seasons equal to the item’s number of charges. Of course, the wearer must still resolve the crisis eventually, but this effect can buy him additional time to procure specialized medical care and prepare salubrious enchantments to improve his chances of success.
(Base 20, +3 Season)

Dodge the Leafy Bludgeon
(Tueor, Magicam, General)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charta adds ((Magnitude -1) x 4) to the target’s Defense rolls against attacks by magically animated trees or shrubs. Unfortunately, attacks that are guided by magic, such as Piercing Shaft of Wood, are unaffected by this charta so it is usually sold bundled with another charta that improves the wearer's Soak Total against Herbam magics.
Example: The Level 15 version of this effect confers a Defense bonus of +8 while a Level 40 variant gives a whopping +28 bonus.
(General, +1 Sun)

Epona’s Blessing
(Tueor, Fortunam, Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charta safeguards the target’s equestrian prowess against mishaps for the duration of the effect. Mechanically, whenever the target must make a Ride roll against an EF of 15 or less, she may roll two dice and use the better result. This charm is specific to Ride, but variations for other abilities are also popular. Particularly where the Duration is increased to facilitate seasonal activities…
(Base 5, +1 Sun)

Invitation to Disaster (Athletics)
(Vulnero, Fortunam, Level 25)
Range: Eye-Contact. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This charm exposes the victim to terrible misfortune should he attempt to perform any feats of physical daring. Whenever the target is called upon to roll a simple die for an action pertaining to his Athletics ability, it is treated as a stress die instead except that a roll of “1” is treated as 1 rather than doubling the subsequent roll, the target can still botch on a 0, however.
(Base 10, +1 Eye Contact, +2 Sun)

(Vulnero, Salutem, Level 20)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Group.
This charm causes the targets’ eyes to water profusely blurring their vision. Mechanically, this translates into a -3 penalty on any rolls requiring sight (such as Attack and Defense). Learned magicians who have taken holy orders especially favour this spell since it enables them to successfully defend themselves without shedding blood.
(Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Group)

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The rune magic used by the Vitkir (Hedge Magic: Revised Edition) can be intimidating at first since it’s mechanics are so different from the hermetic model, but hopefully five new scripts described below will prove helpful.

(the runemaster) beckons his trusty steed
Ehwaz 30, Method II
This script conjures up a horse or similar beast of burden which obeys the caster’s commands and is seemingly unaffected by The Gift. The vitki must, however, possess an Arcane Connection to the beast he wishes to summon and, because the same animal is summoned each time the spell is cast, this spell cannot be used to summon multiple mounts. The runes are most commonly embroidered into a piece of horsehide which also serves as the AC.

(the runemaster) calls forth the blood of Ymir
Laguz 10, Method II
This script causes 729,000 litres (200,000 gallons) of water to be conjured to the caster’s location via an Arcane Connection to the targeted body of water. This is too much water to be practical for day to day use, but can find use in times of drought. The spell is usually cast by scratching the runes onto a clay flask that contains a small amount of water to act as the AC.

(the runemaster) carves these runes to debase his foe
Thurisaz (Mannaz) 20, Method II
This script transforms a human being into a pig for as long as the runes remain intact. While similar in many ways to the hermetic “Curse of Circe”, magi familiar with vitkar magic have expressed concern about the status of the target’s soul while this spell is in effect. The script is most typically cast by inscribing the rune on the femur of a pig from which the marrow has been removed and replaced with an Arcane Connection to the target, but can also be cast using Method I by cutting the runes directly onto the victim's flesh.

(the runemaster) sows discord among his rivals
Gebo (Ingwaz) General, Method II
This script imposes a terrible curse upon everyone living inside the targeted structure. Specifically, the victims of this effect suffer a penalty equal to (Magnitude) on any die rolls related to influencing others. One side-effect of this spell is that the afflicted quickly fall into fighting amongst themselves as a result of escalating domestic strife.
Example: The Level 10 version this script would impose a -2 penalty while the Level 40 variation would give -8 on the affected die rolls.

I (the runemaster) carve this rune to be my shield
Tiwaz General, Method I
This script confers upon the caster a Defense bonus equal to (Magnitude). The runes are usually engraved upon a pendant worn by the target and is frequently paired with a Soak-enhancing Algiz script.
Example: The Level 15 version of this script grants the target a Defense bonus of +3 while the Level 50 version imparts a bonus of +10.

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Laguz 10 (page 133 , HM) is an area about 10 paces across and 10 paces deep.
The Volume Conversion Guide on page 76 in A&A gives 1 cubic pace = 200 gallons.
1000 cubic paces (200,000 gallons) = pool 16 paces in diameter and half as deep.

Gravity Feed water tank.

I read the base guideline as representing a volume equivalent to 10x10x10 paces, but in retrospect I guess reading it as a cylindrical volume does make more sense. Of course, 150,000 gallons is still a butt-load of water!

The summon water spell has great synergy with a "turn water to ice" spell. Filling a hole with water and turning it to ice to cross the hole would be a quite common vitki trick IMO.

Nice spells there :slight_smile:


The provision requiring the caster to possess Sympathy Traits applicable to the target is perhaps the greatest obstacle to be overcome when designing M&P effects according to the rules in Realms of Power: Faerie. Therefore, the five new rites described below are designed to as broadly applicable as possible.

Blessing of the Speedy Convalescence
(Empathy, Weal, Level 50) Ritual
Range: Touch. Duration: Season. Target: Individual.
This ritual magically accelerates the healing time for any and all injuries suffered by the target, effectively reducing the period between Recovery rolls by one category for as long as this rite in in effect.
Example: A character who suffered a Heavy wound and two Light wounds while under the effects of this spell could make immediate Recovery rolls for the Light wounds and could roll for the Heavy Wound in just a month’s time.
(Base 30, +1 Touch, +3 Season)

Deal the Ephemeral Wound
(Enchantment, Woe, Level 15)
Range: Touch. Duration: Diameter. Target: Individual.
This rite causes the target to suffer an Incapacitating wound for approximately two minutes. While this effect is not especially harmful by itself, most casters like to follow up by administering a non-magical coup de grace on the helpless victim.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter)

Punish the Haughty Mortal
(Evocation, Grant, Level 35) Ritual
Range: Prop. Duration: Until. Target: Individual
This ritual afflicts the target with the “Lesser Malediction” flaw until such a time as the target makes amends to the caster. The specific punishment imposed by this rite varies according the caster’s Sympathy Traits and the victim’s offence.
Example: A liar affected by this rite might suffer a painful pinching sensation whenever he tells a falsehood while a fool might find his head graced with a set of fuzzy donkey-like ears instead.
(Base 10, +1 Prop, +4 Until)

The Silent Speech
(Empathy, Dream, Level 15)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Group.
This rite establishes ongoing two-way mental communication between the targets. The most common use for effect power is to enable several individuals to silently coordinate their actions, especially in a military context.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group)

Ward against Mundane Sympathies
(Evocation, Ware, Level 4)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This rite wards the target against mundane creatures or objects affiliated with any of the caster’s positive Sympathy Traits. Variations of this rite using the Ring duration and Circle target are less common than in other traditions because the caster would need a Sympathy Trait applicable to whatever object or substance the circle was scribed upon.
Example: A character with Strong Faerie Blood (Dwarf) and a “Weapons” Sympathy Trait of +3 would be proof against mundane weapons.
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

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Fenicil’s Rituals as described in "Houses of Hermes: True Lineages", provide no real guidance as to how they should be designed, but we do get a small selection of sample spells along with their relative Ease Factors. Therefore, in the interest of expanding my Grimoire, I humbly present fifteen new magical effects that seemed appropriate for the various pre-hermetic cults whose powers were adapted into a form compatible with hermetic magic by Fenicil.

While I personally like these effects and think they match up nicely against the spells Mr. Wood wrote, they have not been playtested to any significant extent and therefore SGs should be extra-careful about including them in their sagas…

Apollo's Gift
Range: Personal. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This ritual calls upon Apollo's prophetic powers to bestow the gift of foresight upon the caster. Mechanically, this spell confers the Divination ability (see “The Mysteries: Revised Edition”, page 58 for details) with an effective score of 5.
If the caster already has the Divination ability, however, he receives a +5 bonus to his Divination rolls instead.
Note: Specifically, this rite grants the power of Cleromancy.
Ease Factor: 12.

Blessing of the Mighty Neptune
Range: Touch. Duration: Season. Target: Structure.
This ritual places a ship under the mystical protection of the God of the Sea. Mechanically, the vessel itself gets a +3 bonus to its Soak total while the ship's crew receive a +5 bonus on Profession: Sailor rolls for the spell's duration.
Ease Factor: 18.

Curse of the Golden Arrow
Range: Voice. Duration: Moon. Target: Special.
This ritual afflicts the victim with a passionate desire for another being designated by the caster (both the target and the object of her affections must be within range though only the former's MR must be penetrated). When employed as a punishment, the victim's lust is usually directed toward an immediate family member or an animal, but this rite could also be used as a conventional love charm.
Although this spell evokes Cupid's power over sexual attraction, it does so tangentially through Mercury's role as a fertility deity. Consequently, this rite also increases the likelihood of conception from any unions resulting from its influence.
Ease Factor: 18.

Draught of Ambrosia
Range: Personal. Duration: Special. Target: Individual.
This ritual transform the ritual’s leader into a Magical Human, conferring upon him a Might Score equal to: (Highest Spell Mastery Ability x 5) with all the usual benefits and liabilities associated with having with a Might Score.
This spell is always designed with a specific individual in mind and will not affect anyone other than the intended target. Performing this ritual requires the caster to consume a tincture of bitter herbs then immolate himself.
Ease Factor: 78.

Effortless Fortification
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This ritual instantly creates a Roman-style military encampment in accordance with a specific design selected when the ritual is learned. The camp is large enough to accommodate up to 6,000 people and, if the seigecraft rules from "Lords of Men" are being used, has a Defense Bonus of +2 and 6 damage levels.
For the most part, this spell uses Rego Craft Magic to utilize existing resources in the camp’s construction, but if this proves insufficient, additional materiel is magically created to meet the building requirements.
Ease Factor: 12.

Flight of the Divine Herald
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This ritual temporarily transforms an ordinary pair of sandals into the divine talaria (winged sandals) of Mercury, conferring upon their wearer the ability to fly through the air with the speed of an eagle. While taking flight or landing is automatically successful, attempting to perform any sort of complicated aerobatic stunt requires a Finesse roll against an Ease Factor determined by the SG.
Ease Factor: 12.

Jupiter's Vengeance
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Special.
This ritual conjures a number of fiery bronze javelins equal to: (Spell Mastery Ability). These “thunderbolts” can be “thrown” unerringly for +20 damage once per round, but are destroyed in the process.
Note: The ability to safely handle the javelins is part of this spell's magic, anyone who did not participate in the ritual and attempts to wield a thunderbolt suffers damage as if they had been struck by it instead.
Ease Factor: 12.

Mend the Wounded Legion
Range: Special. Duration: Moon. Target: Special.
This ritual confers a Recovery bonus of +9 upon a group of up to 10'000 people so long as all of the individuals involved are members of the same Legion. The ritual can be performed from any distance so long as the ritual's leader is in possession of a special token which acts as an Arcane Connection to the Legion as whole rather than to any particular member or members thereof.
Note: The Range and Target parameters of this spell are effectively “Symbol” (see “Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults” or “Realms of Power: Faerie” for details (pages 99 or 123 respectively).
Ease Factor: 18.

Mercury’s Portal
Range: Arcane Connection. Duration: Year. Target: Individual.
This ritual transforms a stone archway or similar portal into a magical doorway that allows for instantaneous transportation of people and cargo to the intended location regardless of the intervening geographical distance. Because this rite temporarily enchants an object rather than affecting the subject directly, this effect does not cause Warping to the travellers.
A curious side-effect of this rite is that two portals can be linked to each other by incorporating via mutual Arcane Connections, two-way transportation can achieved with a single casting provided that the ritual is performed simultaneously on both portals.
Ease Factor: 24.

Might of Herakles
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This ritual imparts upon the target a minute portion of Herakles' boundless strength. Mechanically, the target's Strength characteristic is permanently increased by +1 (to a maximum value of +5). This ritual and similar characteristic-boosting effects were once popular with members of the Emperor's elite praetorian guard.
Ease Factor: 24.

Oath of Juno
Range: Touch. Duration: Special. Target: Group.
This ritual, which can only be cast upon willing participants, places a marriage under the divine guardianship of Juno. At the spell's conclusion, the targets profess their love for each other and swear fidelity. Should one of the targets violate the oath, their punishment is both swift and fierce (death at the very least).
This effect resists dispelling as a 60th level spell, but is automatically terminated should any of the targets die. This spell is not considered to be active unless the oath is violated and thus does not impose Warping for being under a constant effect.
Note: A side-effect of this ritual is that the punishment inflicted upon the unfaithful partner frequently afflicts their paramour as well. Thus, an adulterous husband might suddenly find his lover transformed into a ferocious beast that proceeds to rip him to shreds!
Ease Factor: 18.

Trickery of Autolycus
Range: Touch. Duration: Moon. Target: Special.
This ritual allows the caster to magically alter the appearance of any creatures or objects designated when the spell is cast. The resulting illusion affects all five senses, but the target must retain its general size and shape. This rite harkens back to Hermes' ancient role as a Trickster archetype and thus saw little use by the Cult of Mercury.
Example: This effect might cause a wolf-skin cloak to appear as a woollen shawl or make a while bull appear to be a piebald cow, but wouldn't be able to make the wolf-skin look like a cow.
Ease Factor: 18.

Vesta’s Blessing
Range: Touch. Duration: Special. Target: Special
This ritual inclines the people of the targeted country to behave in a manner that is conductive to civic and filial harmony. Mechanically, the targets receive a +5 bonus on Personality Trait rolls to resist selfish and antisocial behaviour for the spell’s duration.
While this ritual was designed to persist for as long as the sacred fire continues to burn, an unfortunate side-effect requires that all of the participants must be virgins at the time of the casting. Furthermore, should any participant lose her virginal status while the effect is still active, all benefits are instantly revoked.
Ease Factor: 78.

Vulcan’s Rage
Range: Arcane Connection. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This ritual causes a volcano to which the caster has an Arcane Connection to erupt, spewing forth molten lava and belching poisonous fumes across the countryside. Lava has a base damage of +20 while the toxic fumes force victims to make Deprivation rolls every 30 seconds for as long as they are exposed.
While the deadliness of this effect is undeniable, the need for a pre-existing volcano and the indiscriminate destruction it wrought ensured that it was only rarely employed.
Ease Factor: 24.

Wrath of the Gods
Range: Touch. Duration: Special. Target: Individual.
This ritual brings forth a powerful magical beast to wreak vengeance upon a person or place designated by the caster. There is some question as to where such powerful beings are summoned from with some magi postulating that they are called from the deepest regions of the Magic Realm while others contend that the ritual both summons a mundane beast and imbues it with a Might.
As curious side-effect of this powerful conjuring ritual and the vast sum of vis expended is that the creature summoned is invulnerable to the effects of Acclimation for a full year.
Note: The SG should design the summoned creature in accordance with the needs of the saga. As a general rule, however, it should have a Might Score of at least 50 and possess either “Death Prophecy” or “Greater Immunity”.
Ease Factor: 78.

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