Non-invested Magic Item Questions

How does Effect Expiry work with them? Specifically, for each type of item:

Lesser Enchanted Items: Effect Expiry states that you can't invest effects you otherwise couldn't, because it only mutiplies how much you exceed the Lab Total... But it makes investing items faster... And the only requirement for lesser enchantments is being able to craft them in a season. Could you use Limited Expiry to make higher-level Lesser Enchantments, as long as the effect doesn't naturally exceed your Lab Total?

Charged Items: Does Limited Expiry both increase the amount of things you can do per season with multiple activities AND increase how many charges you receive per effect? One or the other? Neither?

And on a different but related note, how do the multiple lab activities rules interact with charged items in the first place? Do their lab totals still need to add to only half your Lab Total to perform multiple item chargings in a season, even though charging items only takes a single season no matter the closeness of its level to your lab total? Does charging multiple different effects change how many charges you get for each?

Check the errata - it answers many questions :slight_smile:
In this case, it specifies that

Easy, eh?

Ah. That is pretty easy. Thanks!