Non Player Characters

[size=150]Metatarzes filius Argentius ex Bonisagus[/size]
founded the covenant in 1145

Metatarzes filius Argentius is an elderly (though not infirm) man of medium height and slight build. In fact his nickname among some of the less-respectful members of the covenant is “Beanpole” (which he knows, and finds amusing). He is balding, and while has only a minimal beard, but long mustaches—all a pure white, almost like summer clouds. It is not known exactly how old he is, though he appears to be about 75.

Metatarzes is known as an expert in Creo and Auram arts. Those were his focus as a young magus, though in later life he has expanded his range substantially and as been seen to perform some complex work in Intellego, Rego, Animal, and Vim. Even so, he is recognized as a good generalist rather than a specialist. His sigil is a slight breeze carrying a whiff of ozone as before a lightning strike.

Metatarzes is well-known in House Bonisagus and to a somewhat lesser extent in the Order, not least because he managed to found a covenant that has not yet been made to choose a tribunal. He has a reputation as a magic theorist, researcher, and (pardon the anachronistic term) a renaissance man.

In the covenant he is the only member who has regularly been re-elected to the office of disceptator, or council-head. He has served almost every other 7-year term since the founding in 1145.

Metatarzes has a familiar who accompanies him almost everywhere. A Dalmatian hound, it is named Afosiomenos, or “Spot”. It is not uncommon to find Metatarzes and Spot discussing some esoteric and unfathomable bit of hermetic lore, for Spot has the gift of speech.

Metatarzes is an indefatigable author and most of his lab texts have been translated (not all by him, but with his permission and aid) and are in the library. He created the Aegis of the Hearth spell used at the covenant. He has written Summae and Tractatus on a variety of subjects, found not only in the library but also in many places in the Order.

He has created only six magic devices, but they include useful tools such as The Physicians Perceptive Eye and The Tin Miners Spoon, both of which have been of great benefit to the covenant. He has an amber wand that has been seen to have some interesting effects, but he does not divulge them and uses it only rarely.

Of course with so many fine accomplishments there must be some issues. In the last decade or so Metatarzes has experienced two twilights and both have left him behaving a trifle odd. Perhaps not a trifle, since the rumor of his sometimes strange behavior has spread beyond the covenant to the Order. What that may bring to the covenant, no one can say.

Still, Metatarzes is generally a wise, friendly, and only moderately cranky old man. It is easy to forget he is a puissant magus who could turn you into a spot of lightning toasted cow dung if angered.

[size=150]Albanus filius Flammaria ex Flambeau[/size]
co-founded the covenant in 1145

Albanus is a native of England, and was raised in the vicinity of Shrewsbury. He is very tall, almost 6 feet and some suggest he has giant blood. His hair is dark gray with a wide streak of flaxen blonde running from crown to left ear. He wears no beard or mustache. His eyes are a piercing blue.

While everyone knows Albanus is at least 90 years of age, he is quite well-preserved and appears to be no more than about 40.

Albanus has a temper problem and is easily angered. It doesn't help that he enjoys argument for its own sake and insulting people who irritate him. He often seems troubled but blames the incompetence of others in the covenant for his troubles. He can be a bit rash with accusations.

He seems able to endure great hardship, and is an inveterate walker, rarely riding an animal or a cart or even magical transport. He spends much time in the caves and has searched out many hidden places, including the Chapel of the Mystical Ikon.

Albanus speaks and reads English, Latin, Arabic and Greek.

Albanus is known to be quite skilled with Creo and Ignem (he is a Flambeau, after all), and to have magic that is virtually flawless. He often needs a sharp rebuke (verbal or physical) to prevent him from going too far while performing magical activities. He has a ring he enchanted that has been seen to contain certain ignem effects, at the least. It is known that he excels also at Perdo, and is very good with Terram and Vim. His spell repertoire is rumored to be more than 40.

Many of his faults are forgiven because he is an experienced vintner, especially adept at creating sweet vintages. He keeps an extensive cellar of his own and other wines and can be cajoled into sharing without too much trouble.

[size=150]Iakovos filius Zoraya ex Bonisagus[/size]
joined the covenant in 1146, considered a founder

Iakovos lives rather in the shadow of the great Metatarzes, yet he is no mean magus. His mystical life appears to be devoted to experimentation, and more often than not his fairy chimney has served as an actual chimney with smoke (and even less healthy things) emanating forth.

He holds the record for number of wizard's twilights at the covenant, and is clearly suffering from scarring and warping.

The covenfolk tend to avoid him because of his tendency to change shape--or it may be a recurring illusion that makes him sometimes appear as a snake-man, then as a donkey-headed man, then as something else all to hideous to describe.

Yet those who do approach and make acquaintance find him to be a pleasant companion, albeit one that may look quite different in five minutes time.

He is known to be accomplished in Intellego and Imaginem.

[size=150]Annais filia Guillemaque ex Criamon[/size]
joined the covenant in 1147, considered a founder

A strange and moody woman, Annais is best known not for her magic, but for her weirdly realistic (and not at all medieval-looking) paintings...some of which have been created on the canvas of her own flesh.

She does not make a display of her abilities, but spends most of her time either in her fairy chimney or wandering Cappadocia with her magical painting kit.

Some speculate she seeks to understand the Enigma by painting landscapes, but who can really understand a Criamon?

She is known to apparently enjoy research and searching out obscure bits of magical and mundane information which she springs on unsuspecting visitors at odd times.

Contrary to popular belief, she does not go by the name of Lydia outside the Covenant (nor has she ever dated a man who has hairy eyebrows, a fake mustache, and a cigar), though she does have a tattoo that bears a remarkable resemblance to Hesperus.
[size=85]If you understand that reference, by all means, PM me, I always enjoy chatting with cultured types![/size] :laughing:

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