Non standard lab routines and learning a spell

Hi all,

It is possible to use non standard routines to learn a spell otherwise impossible to learn?

So if my Lab Total is 28 and I would like to learn Seven League Stride (Re/Co 30) could I use "addled" to gain a bonus of +3?

I am not sure If is possible or not create/learn/invent things beyond my capacity!

I've no book handy to check, but I believe that the rules don't preclude using the bonus to learn a spell that you could not otherwise learn (alhough I feel that they should).

I'll look it up for you tomorrow morning if no one gets to it before then.

thanks, I am looking forward for your reply :slight_smile:

I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed.

If I were your GM though, I'd be... facetious with your first few failures. Especially since Seven League Stride does already require Finesse rolls. :smiling_imp:

Faerie Raised magic might have helped but you would have had to take it at character creation

You can also experiment to push you above your normal limits. So yes, I can't see why this would not be allowed.



According to the rules the lab bonuses can be used to create something that you can't otherwise create.

The reason that I dislike this is that is says that are certain things that a character can accomplish in one season when he's sleep deprived and befuddled that he can not accomplish in two seasons of being clear headed.

Among these things are: reinvent a spell that's slightly higher than your normal lab total from someone else's lab notes and create a charged magical device of extraordinary power.

On the other hand I do appreciate the simplicity of the rules that's gained by this.

You could always require the magus to translate the lab text he produces from such a season as if they'd been written by someone else: "What was I smoking when I wrote that?"