Normandy Tribunal Sourcebook - in the plans?

Are there plans for a Normandy Tribunal sourcebook? One along the lines of Guardians of the Forest would be marvellous.

I to would be interested in a Normandy book. I'd love to gain more information on Fudarus as well as 'central' Europe. Between GotF and a Normandy book, the 'heart' of Mythic Europe would finally be covered.

Should have included a Poll Option. :slight_smile:

I would be interested in a Normandy book
Hell No!

You are right - should have put up a poll. I thought about it momentarily and concluded it was everyone, but even so it would have been interesting.

Would rather have a Thebes book.

I don't think any tribunal sourcebook are scheduled.

David and I have talked about doing another Tribunal sourcebook. The truth is, Guardians of the Forests will be selling out in the not too distant future. It probably does not make economic sense to reprint it (we'll make it available as a pay-download PDF, just as we have with True Lineages, so the material will still be available to those who want it, of course), but we think it's good for the product line to have a Tribunal book available. Normandy is the most likely subject. However, there are a lot of other books that need to be done first, so we're looking at 2 or more years in the future.

Last night my wife asked me how much longer I plan to buy Ars books and I answered, "How long have we been together?"

I knew the answer, but I wanted to make a point. I've got an eight year window before I'm in trouble. The two plus year wait will be easy!

Have you considered allowing a Print-On-Demand option via RPGNow? That way an actual "book" would still be available for sell, not just a pdf.

(Not that I don't have both...)

Yeah, I've thought about it. The way it works right now it doesn't fit in with my plans.

Books going out of print is actually a good thing, in my view. Pay-downloads mean that the actual game content can be available to anyone willing to pay, without requiring us to commit resources to physical inventory (which is still necessary, even if it's only a couple dozen POD copies...multiply that by dozens or, in the future, hundreds of out of print titles, and it adds up). On the other hand, scarcity of the physical artifact means a level of demand that buys up the copies of books that are still in the channels -- on the shelves of distributors and retailers. That makes for happy retailers and distributors, who think of Ars Magica books as items that sold well and hold their value (as the collectors who want them track them down) -- that in turn makes it a more confident decision for those same businesses to invest in the next book we produce.

Marginal printing costs are so small, it means that if this results in, say, 100 extra sales of the next book, that's worth a lot more profit than 100 sales of a print-on-demand reprint of an old book. (A POD book might cost, say, $4 to manufacture; where the marginal cost of an extra book on top of a regular print run might be 50 cents.)

Anyway. My rambling maybe doesn't make much sense, but I have thought about it at length. :slight_smile:

It makes perfect sense. I haven't considered the distribution chain at all. I'm sure you are right. :slight_smile:

Are your Ars Texts covered in a pre-nuptual agreement? :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the guy who was pondering living expenses versus buying new gaming books :
"I fed the kids this week , surely that's enough. :slight_smile: "

Given that the Divine Book is out, and the Infernal is in the pipe somewhere according to the FAQ, I'd honestly prefer a book on Ireland, where the Four Forces seem to be really heavily intertwined with each other. Or Italy: I'd like to see what someone would do with all those Domus Magnae. I like Shannon's book, but with a theme other than "Coruption" I think it could be very interesting.

While by no means a Tribunal book, the original Order of Hermes lists the covenants of Hibernia. I believe the book is out of print, but if your a completeist this may be a place to start. I have to say though, that the material is two pages long and simply a listing of the covenants and some of their attributes. Still, I wanted to point it out.


Actually were living in sin, but we've been together for about 8 years. Why aren't we married? Somewhere between cheap and lazy is the answer. The 'wife' accepted gaming as a 'boy thing' but as I near middle age she's questioning it all over again. I'm counting on her to forget this discussion all together. Who knows- if my video store takes off, maybe I'll expand into RPG's. Then it will be my business to have Ars stuff. Ah, to dream....