Northern Crown Chronicles Q and A

I'm planning to answer listeners' questions as a regular feature of the Northern Crown podcast. Post your questions here!

-What inspired you to seperate the English into two different cultures?
-Was there anything major that you wanted to include in the hardcovers, but couldn't due to time or space constraints?
-I note that historic New Sweden had a population of roughly 500 by 1654, you place the population at 14,000 by 1666. Other populations are similarly high, and while i've not had the opportunity to research the real world analogues, i suspect a similar disparity. Did you have a particular reason for placing the populations so extraordinarily high?

Great questions, and I'll answer them in my next contribution to the podcast.

Also: who or what inspired Annalisa X?

Well, nothing seems to be happening with the podcast, so in the interests of shaming that project into action and in answering your questions in a timely manner, I'm going to answer them right here.

The English actually inspired three Northern Crown cultures: Albian, Carolingian, and Commonwealther. They represent three ideals in English culture and story that I felt would make great elements in my game world, if taken to extremes. The fanciful, fey Elizabethans; the chivalric, romantic cavaliers; and the dour, severe Puritans.

With a few exceptions, I'm not sure the populations really are that much higher than their historical counterparts. If so, I had no conscious reason for doing so.