Northern Crown Wikipedia page
The basic text for this was rotting on my hard drive for some time now, but i've finally gotten it up and wikified. Anyone who would like to contribute, please keep in mind that Wikipedia requires citations and references, especially for statements that might be construed as biased or POV. Anyone who needs a hand can feel free to contact me here, or on Wikipedia at

Wow! I feel so... validated. :smiley:

The publication of the books didn't do that for you? :laughing:
Any online sources on the critical reception, upcoming releases, or other notable information you can point me to would be a big help.

I think real life has taken Doug :slight_smile: I don't know if theres still plans for Spectral Boston??


Oh has it ever! A kid and a master's thesis will do that to you. I have a partial Spectral Boston manuscript and a really cool map of Boston but the whole project is on ice indefinitely. I may just cave and post what I have for free on these boards at some point. I'm all about supporting you all who are still playing Northern Crown and enjoying it.

I think we would all love to see where you went with that project, finished or not! Just a taste would be great, pusher man! :smiley:

I recently got back to looking over Northern Crown...and yea, I was starting to wondering what happened to Spectral Boston too.