Not fair

I just wanted to say that it isn't fair that TMRE and RoP:I got out just when I had to slip out of civilian life for a month. Not fair at all. :frowning:

I'll be purchasing the books now, and receiving them in a month or so. Now I have to gnash and trod through threads I don't understand until they get here. Sigh....

Oh, I'm back on the boards and online too. And thanks Andrew for your support of the spells wiki!

Yair, the Israeli Soldier

I went on a work vacation for a week and I'm WAY behind. Also rather than ordering the books I was going to pick them up the 'local' game store an hour away, but when a back order at my supply company came in. The back order is still on back order so I need to wait until I can justify one trip! It's killing me!

I share your pain!

It's good to have you back, Yair.