Notes on the Provencal Tribunal?

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Me and my group are about to start a campaign in the Provencal Tribunal. As we all work many hours a day and barely have a spare time, sadly we can't read Faith & Flame. We were wondering if you could pinpoint us the obvious notes about the Provencal Tribunal - we chose it as an area to our adventure mainly because of The Cult of Mercury, but we're sure there are many other great things we can use in our campaign.

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Nothing too dramatic to say, really. Provence was written up as the 'vanilla' tribunal so the base assumptions from the Core Book are in full force there.

Are you looking for anything specific (antagonists, covenant locations, etc)?

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As one of the authors, I'm clearly biased but yes it is a good supplement to pick up, even if only in PDF format from e23. It is intentionally "vanilla", which means the politics and Hermetic culture is pretty much what is described in the corebook but there are a lot of antagonists, Story Seeds, locations and creatures detailed that you might find useful for your Saga.

If you're looking for less expensive resources, Sub Rosa #17 has a lot of the cutfile material from Ben's sections, my cutfile material for the eastern section of Arelat including the expanded Avignon covenant concepts can be found on my blog here.