Nothing to see here.

Hello Kitty

It is my opinion that this thread is violation of several of the above - and even though the link might have been intended as a joke the material is highly inapropriate in terms of an Atlas forum and undue provocative.

I kindly hope that either the poster or the moderator will remove this thread.

I don't care.

Whatever the motives are I think it is irrelevant here, besides being lame and vulgar.

It's mindless on one hand being annoyed with all the other trash and spam being posted in the generel debate and at the same time having active forum members clotting it up with links that are as stupid and mindless vulgarities as the spammers'.

And the lack of viewers on the generel discussion might very well be linked to spamming here - no need to contribute further to it, is there?

So what? There is loads of rubbish on the internet. That is hardly an excuse for tossing it here!

You are one of a kind Ravenscroft, apparently defending posting links to hate-sites by making it my fault if people read it. This is going nowhere - I have nothing to add.

I see you've made a perculiar change in the link. I am at loss for words at the moment.

I don't know of too many people who hate Hello Kitty! after all.

As to promoting hate sites , when i posted the page link ,
it just seemed absurd that some frothing looney in the US was trying to promote anti-Swede sentiment.
If there are in fact many other sites or movements backed by the religiously convicted or formerly oppressed peoples ,
that promote an anti-Swede agenda , i am unaware of them.

It is loony - and there is a world of hate and rubbish on the net. In that regard the net is quite bluntly democratic in its mirroring of the real world. But bringing it here for no matter what reason, especially if its just out of the blue, is just .. well... sad.

For the record; I did ask the moderators to have a look at this thread, but I expect that they'll not find the 'Hello Kitty' as much an example of hate-mongering as I made the former link out to be. How sarcastic to duck for cover behind a litter of kitten.

All you really needed to do was send me a PM though.
I would have reported the thread myself , if that was the only way to remove it.
I knew i could edit posts , but not the titles of threads i had started.

In context , at the time , it just did not seem that bad.
As to replacing the link , it could have been or Hello Kitty!.

No sarcasm directed at you personally was intended.

Nor was it my impression.