Novel use of ring/circle spell

Could you cast a ring/circle ward against water on the open end of a circular beer mug and then up end the beer mug and have the liquid within stay restrained by the ward?

I've always seen circle/ring wards working across the circumference and its been debated many times here whether the wards are spheres or cylinders. If a cylinder, is the top "capped" by the ward?

2 issues here:

  1. Are wards portable?
  2. Do Circle/Ward effects create a cylinder or a sphere.

Both are currrently things for each troupe to decide.

I think someone pointed out in another thread that there is at least one canon example of a portable circle.

Didn't someone question it already?

That was probably me. The example is in MOH (serf's parma), and it's a Ring spell on the page of a book. If I recall correctly, it's Creo Imaginem, and it creates and maintains a moving image within the circle.

In the same chapter of MoH I think there's also something similar done with a painting, though of course a painting could be static. I also seem to recall some Ring spell to trap ghosts within a mirror in ... HoH:TL, the Tremere chapter? Again, the mirror could be static, but it's more natural to assume it's moveable. Covenants also seems to have something about moving Rings where it talks about magical illumination.

Hm... to the original question - assuming wards are moveable, wouldn't it not matter if the ward manifests as a sphere or a cylinder? Both plug up the open end of a glass.

ie, if I shove a tennis ball (a sphere) in the top of a glass, it plugs it up just as well as if I shoved a slightly-smaller glass (a cylinder) into the top of it.

Our circles have variable height. If it has to cover a 3D item, they are a sphere, but will rise enough to cover the item (like a tower) as a whole. If it covers a shield or the rim of a glass filled with water, it will act as a flat sheet or cover. If you need an explanation, Magic is mysterious :mrgreen: Nobody has tried to abuse this in my troupe. IN fact ypou can break most of the magic system if you abuse it to the extremes, so just don't do it and you will avoid countless hours of pain.

Hm.... here's a question: does teleporting water maintain water pressure? Ie, is water pressure part of the mideval paradigm?

Mainly I'm thinking of someone who (say) tattoos a ring on the palm of their hand, and then etches a ring on a rock, and then drops that rock in some deep water. One ReAq effect later, and he's got a cheap fire hose coming out of his palm.

Yes, of course, lots of ways this can go [strike]funny[/strike] wrong (the rock getting clogged being the least horrendous) - mainly I'm wondering if this isn't just an overly-complex way of getting an effect you probably could have gotten in a less complex manner.