Distance for a circle target...

Teleport dirt 5 paces: base 4; touch+1, mom, circle. You could even slap Size+1 on top, if your Rego Terram isn't too shabby.

Instant plow spell basically?

Do you need +size on circles for something like dirt I would think the circle target would just handle it. If it was a ring then all the soil would be turned eventually in any case.

Argh, actually it doesn't work with [T:Circle].
You still need a well-defined individual of at most 10 cubic paces, and that earth is still connected to the earth below it...
You need [Target:Part] for that.
It's going to cost +1 mag, but hey: you don't have to worry about drawing a circle

Window of a Singular Direction in HoH:TL works with T:Circle because it stops on the other side of the wall.

Why should T:Circle not work?

ArM5 p112: "the spells affects everything within a ring drawn" (emphasis mine)
The cylinder of earth in question goes all the way to wherever the bedrock is, so unless you draw a rather small circle, it is most likely larger than 10 cubic paces (or even the 100 cubic paces that you get with Size+1).
You can still try it with an open-ended Spontaneous spell, though.

To affect Part of the ground, you need Target:Part.
Unless the circle defines a manageable amount of matter like Window of a Singular Direction, that is.

This is a commonly contested point.

Is it?
YSMV, then.

Edit: I couldn't find those debates on the forum, could you point some out to me, please?

Do you have a reference for Circle targets being limited to base individual? I would suppose a ward can protect a group within a circle without being T:Group.

Pretty much every time rings and circles get brought up as it happens...


The "infinitely tall" view seems generally in a minority.

Though it might still not work as a cheap plow... I suppose this kind of ReTe will raise the earth as a solid block which would naturally take plants with it. When it then falls back down again a lot of those plants will still be in its place...

so instead of lifting it up turn it over. You might want to limit that to a few inches depth though, I don't know if Mythic Europe differentiates topsoil from other, less fertile forms of soil found further down, but my guess would be that someone has observed the difference...

True, plowing is probably level 1 (Control or move earth in a natural fashion) or 2 (Control or move earth in a slightly unnatural fashion, Shape and form dirt, as if a craftsman had worked it.), so we are talking about an effect of 2 or 3 to plow a circular field. That's even possible with non-fatuiging spontaneous magic with rather small scores in the relevant arts.

Surprise performing mundane labor with magic is almost trivial...

Even using a circle rather than just walking around casting it several times at the biggest size mod you can seems overly complex.

Base individual for earth is over an acre...

10 pace^3 = 30ft^3 / .5ft of plowed depth = 232ft^2 * .5ft deep = 54000ft^2

Half foot assumption might be too little, but still at 1 foot it would be 27000ft^2

Well, 10 cubic pace doesn't mean 10^3 though, but rather a cube of 1011...

That is correct... Magnitudes to get up to my numbers... about 7.

So level 1 +1 touch +7 size = 25 to do a whole acre in one go?

Something like 16 casts to do an acre as a level 5 spell?

10 cubic paces would be 10*(333) feet or 270 cubic feet.
Ordinary plowing is 8 inches deep or 2/3 of a foot, so you are looking at 810/2 or 405 square feet. An acre being 43560 square feet, so 108 castings divide by 10 for each magnitude upwards, so at level 5 you could do an acre in 2 castings if the storyteller is being really strict or 1 casting if they are willing to round out the decimal point.

It's x10 per mag. I was using X2 in my math. I had nothing to support that, my memory was wrong there. It says x10 right in the book.
x10 = +3 creature sizes.

Apparently I'm just way off my game today.

Thanks. I had searched for Circle+Depth, but Circle+Height is more fruitful.
These two threads actually address the issue:
"How high is a circle...?"
A Few Questions

Apparently previous edition explicitly made it a sphere, but for 5th edition I can't see a clear majority, minority, or definitive arguments, so I'll go with the Rule of Fun:

Ergo, if you want your spell to affect earth to a given depth or in an ellipsoïd, that's what it does :wink:

I was talking about the "base individual" maximum amount that a spell can affect without extra +Size magnitudes, there, not the number of discrete elements

You might be thinking about my previous post, where I talked about well-defined individuals.
That was wrong. The wording is not applicable to Circles in general beyond targeting the ground.
A better term would be "bounded amount of matter", and several of the shapes mentioned in this post can provide such a boundary.

Well, it's teleporting. And teleporting spells are normally considered as limited to the form used, otherwise you should have teleporting spells without requisites.

So, for instance, men standing on this ground would be engulfed in earth, then falling in this pit under their feet. No funeral needed.

A variant can be developed to target groups, with Size+1 for 10 times the earth: 5 paces deep, 10 paces in diameter
Extra range could be nice too.