November victories

Gang, the community has really produced some marvellous stuff in the last month. I haven't seenore than a fraction of it because I was doing my own project. Can we have a thread where we collate that material? I feel like there's at least 200 000 new words out there for Ars fans.

My project is not finished, but the construction site is ... ents-page/

I’m really looking forward to the Cornwall sourcebook. I find resources which go into great detail on a small area — like the Isle of Man project from Hermes Portal —to be incredibly inspiring.

The third issue of Peripheral Code took months to aaaemble, so although it was released at the end of November I don’t know if it should count. But it’s 56,500 words on our favorite RPG and it is the work of many talented hands. It can be found here: ... utumn-2017

My "lab a day" thread is here [url]]

I will update the magi of tom blog with an edited compilation of the above in December.

EDIT: and Imreai's realia a day is [url]]
Ironboundtome's grimoire is at and added more spells than usual for November.