¡Nueva versión de un Tribunal excelente!


Dear Sir(s) or Madam(es):

I was wondering if there were plans for a new Tribunal book based in Iberia... & if not, couldya do it (or upgrade the olde one to the 5th Edition's version, at least)?

¡¡¡POR FAVOR, OS LO RUEGO, pardiez!!!


Well, since no one else has replied...

David Chart has laid out his policy regarding Tribunal Books to be that he wants to have each and every tribunal covered by a tribunal book before he'll even consider going back and revising older tribunals. At this point, his order of regional priorities are:

  • Transylvania
  • Hibernia
  • Provencal

I hope this is useful.


A bit confused:
So, this means that he'll have all the rest of the never-published Tribunals published first - then go back to the old edition ones to refurbish 'em to have them all in line w/the new setting & rules, finally ("the cycle is complete" as they say)?


Rather than postulate on what David Chart may or may not be thinking, I'll just provide a link to the exchange:


As I understand it, Atlas' official policy is that they want to make sure there's a tribunal book for each of the tribunals before going back and revising anything tht was published for a previous edition...