nw skill( vantriquizime)

now sure what practicle value this skill would have in this game but here goes:vantiliquizime is the skill of throwing one's voice!
let me know what practicle skill you might have for this skill please!

Hmm and here I always thought it was the skill of being interrogated by the famous Guernicus Vantili! :wink:

Learn something new everyday! :smiley:

serioussly what do you think of this skill?

Seriously, a skill of Ventriloquism should certainly be possible. Jongleurs, minstrels and other entertainers are perhaps the only people that might have it, but still, i see its lack as a glaring ommission from the 5th ed rules.

It seems a bit limited for a skill on its own. Maybe lump it in with a performance skill?


A question springs to my mind: If you throw your voice away, how do you get it back?

Feedback, silly! :wink:

Of course!!! I forgot :laughing: