:?: Nyambe Player's Lorebook

Hello! Does anyone have a copy of the Nyambe Player's Lorebook? Evidently it was a free pdf available at www.nyambe.com. Of course, that site seems defunct now.

If anyone can make this available, I'd definitely appreciate it. If anything, it shouldn't be lost to the ages!

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Well, it certainly seems that they let the campaign die, now didn't they. I apologize for the extreeme time that has gone between the original post and my reply ... I think that it's not Thread Necromancy, considering the nature of the request, so, I hope that it's deemed acceptable.

I have loved all the Nyambe material since I originally got it, but since I am more of a collecctor than anything, I haven't had the opportunity to use it until now. I am using it much in the same way that Nothern Crown does, but I am using it as source material for the continent of Hepmonaland in the D&D World of Greyhawk setting. At any rate, I discovered that the Player's Lorebook predated the main Nyambe core book, so there's not a lot tha tI can imagine is in the one, that's not also in the other, but, nevertheless ... I have a copy of it, but it is also now ditributed freely on the Atlas games site ... [edit: Link removed because the Atlas homepage for Nyambe has a dead link].
Hope that helps!! ... and maybe generates a little more Nyambe traffic on the forums!


EDIT: It appears the link provided is broken. However, looking at my pdf copy (I'm sure this was never in print as it is obviously a preview type document), I agree that it is highly probable all the information in the Player's Lorebook ended up in the Core Rulebook

Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate the effort. I scrounged around the 'net at the time I posted above and I believe I found the lorebook using the Internet Archive site! I'm going to check the pdf at the link you provided against what I have. At least folks can perhaps find it easier now that this thread has been answered.

I've never played Nyambe myself, but I have the core rulebook and the two (?) supplements printed for it. I was very impressed with it and would love to use it in a manner like you. It's also strong as a stand alone campaign (it's original intent, of course). Coincidentally, I've been playing in a Greyhawk campaign for the last three years.

Thanks again and all the best!