Nyambe & the World of Greyhawk

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I am an avid D&D 3.5 and Pathfnder RPG player. I play very extensively in Gary Gygax's orginal game setting, the World of Greyhawk. Long, long ago, WoG was written to include a mythical psuedo-African ... see where this is going? There wasn't ever very much written on the continent of Hepmonaland (the continent's name) and I have turned to Nyambe to fill in the enormous gaps in the setting material. I don't view it as a lack in material for Greyhawk, because enough was written to more than suit the European-styled adventures of D&D. But, to run a game entirely in that region, there's really not enough. But, there's plenty of Nyambe! Ever since Nyambe came out, I have loved the idea of it when I saw the previews for it in the early 2000's issues of Dragon Magazine, but this is the first opportunity I ever have had to use it.
At any rate, my question is about whether anyone else has ever used Nyambe in Greyhawk, and how it turned out, or if there any special considerations for the conversions that they made. Also, were theer any other systems or setting that you used to set adventures in Nyambe, such as Testament, or Conan.
Thanks for any responses concerning Nyambe and it's inclusion as source material for great African Adventures!

I enjoy Greyhawk as well, although I am definitely not as versed in the setting as many of its fans. I didn't know about Oerth's own "Dark Continent" until your post, honestly.

I do like African culture and settings, and I love Nyambe because of it! I own "Testament" (Green Ronin) and "Conan: RPG" (Mongoose). One of my future purchases if I'm lucky will be "Tales of the Black Kingdom" for the Conan: RPG.

I stumbled upon this thread at the Mongoose forum which has some tidbits and references a novel or two for alternate Africa gaming:

mongoosepublishing.com/phpBB ... efd0ab7a26

Lastly, most if not all of Mongoose's "Signs and Portents" e-magazines are available for free at RPGNow. The various issues have Conan articles and adventures in them; one or two of those may be of use to you.

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Check Sean Reynolds the Scarlet Brotherhood book. There's also two Oerth Journal articles that you might want to look at. They're by Roger Moore.


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Wow ... I never received a notification that there'd been responses to my thread in email! :open_mouth:
But, I am reading it now! :laughing:
At any rate, thanks for the comments! I actually have Scarlet Brotherhood with it's great descriptions of the Touv of Hepmonaland. That's really sort of the thing that got me on this whole kick. I am looking for material to fill out that continent. It's a great resource, but, I think that for an entire campaign set there, or to really flesh things out a whole lot more, I should take the time to offer more info and detail to my players. But, it all has to be within canon, basically. I don't want to change what is already written for Greyhawk. Also, I'll look up the Moore articles. I've got the OJ complete to the current issue (with one soon to come out within weeks).

I'm looking into the link, and the "Tales of the Black Kingdom" to see if I can find it anywhere.

Appreciate the comments!