Obj Validation: Crystal's Morphing Wand

Effect #1. MuCo(An) 25 Assuming your true Nature
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind)
+3 Linked trigger, +17 Penetration(34)

Allows the transformation of a humanoid beeing to that of a beast by the simple touch of the wand.

Effect #2. MuMe(An) 30 Asserting your True Nature
(Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind) +3 Linked Trigger

Allows the transformation of the mind to that of a beast by the simple touch of the wand.

Effect #3. PeVi 25 Deliverance of the Curse
(Base Gen (Level / 2 +20, +1 Touch, +0 Mom, +0 Ind) +3 Linked Trigger

Allows the dispelling of active magics that are not ritualistic of up to level 30 + Die by the simple touch of the wand. If the target has MR, it will have to lower it in order to be cured.

Effect #4. MuVi(Co) 25 Leaving the Deeper Mark
(Base Gen, +1 Touch, +0 Mom, +0 Ind) +3 Linked Trigger

When needed, the user can choose to augment the duration of the time for which the victime will spend in beast form. The effect will endure for a full moon cycle. Living a beast for so long can leave it's mark on someones soul. Some victims have been known to retain a twitch or some malformation from their experience.

Effect #5. InMe 30 Linked Trigger

Crystal's Morphing Wand was created as a gift to a magical creature. This butterfly like humanoid was to become the dear familiar of a seasonned Magus of the Order of Hermes. They both shared an affinity for morphing which lead to the construction of this deveice.

Crystal no longer had to suffer the uncessing harracement of unworthy mundanes for now she could with but the gentle touch of the wand, turn them into the reflection of what she saw within them.

This lead to some abuse & the counsil of the alliance voted to remove the wand from Crystal's hands & place it into the covenant's coffers. The counsil decided to compensate the Bonded Magus for the waisted time but not for the ressources used. Since that time, all members of the alliance may use the small wand that can fit into one's palm, as it was made for Crystal's Size.

Doesn't the duration need to be the length of time you want the effect to last?

Now that you mention it, it does ring a bell.

Do you have the page number ?

My logic was that the spell boost the original spell & modifies the internal structure of the spell which ends up giving one extra magnetude of power to augment the duration.

If the MuVi spell needs to carry the duration & satisfy the requirements to affect the origianl spell then it means that it is more difficult to augment duration than say the range. I'm not sure I agree with that.

p.159 quote "Most Muto Vim spells last as long as the spell that they have altered, with a nominal duration of Momentary"

I think the answer resides in that quote. It's not much to go on...

wizard boost has a mom duration & the text detail says that it can augment the duration of Year with a ritual & implies to can boost from Sun to Moon as a formulaic spell.

The muto Corpus (animal) spells in the core book all specify a specific animal (with the exception of mists of change). I gather that the wand forces the target into whichever land animal is most appropriate for their nature. I'm of the opinion that this effect might be slightly more difficult than an effect to turn any given target into a specific anumal, but I'd probably not make a big stink about this issue and let it go (after all you could also argue that it should be easier).

If you wnat the wand to be able to transform targets into birds or fish as well then you've choosen the wrong base effect.

The muto vim spell looks to me like a specific application of wizard's boost. So I agree with the duration of momentary but it should really only affect one of the two other effects during any given round.

This gets back to the discussion that we had regarding "items that multi- cast" so be aware that there may be some who take issue with one item producing multiple effects in a single round.

Agreed. If the user tried to transform the targed into a fish or bird, according to his "Nature", the spell would fizzle.

The MuVi(Co) spell can already just affect the MuCo(An) spell. Another MuVi(Me) would need to be invested to boost the Memtem spell. As for casting two spells at the same time, I would say that an item is constructed to operate this way. Others might request an int+finess roll of 9+ to operate the requested effect properly (This would replace the Int + Concentration roll of 9+ as written in the rules) but I do not feel it is required personnally.

Ty for your input.

Whoops! Yeah i missed that. So the target would have the mind of a critter for a day but the body of a critter for a month