Objects of virtue vs. Magic Resistance, Ex. Misc. tradition

I've been toying with the idea of a new Ex Misc. tradition based off a hedge magician group of the sort described in RoP: Magic that make use of herbs and objects of virtue. I know that, due to their own magic resistance Magi can only make use of the things if they put them in a talisman. What I am thinking of is creating the Ex. Misc. mages that can use them normally.

My question is - would a virtue that allows a magus to automatically lower his magic resistance specifically to allow the objects of virtue to be personally useful be a major or minor virtue?

Considering the time involved in turning the items into objects of virtue I am thinking it could be the traditions free minor hermetic virtue but we're having trouble deciding.
I'm thinking of the Major virtue being Way of the Lands (either forest or marsh), and the Major flaw being either Study Requirement, or Necessary Condition (must be in contact with bound mandrake root, the gathering of which would be part of the tradition initiation).

What is everyone opinions?

Minor sounds fine for me. Major if you can do the focalized suppression for any supernatural item you want to use.


I'm assuming they only get a free "pass" on items of virtue (plants, sone or what-not) they have enrichened themselves?
If so, I'd say go for it.

You could rune this by giving the tradition a ritual to take the virtue from the enriched item for a long period of time (say sun or moon). This way the magus can use the item without worrying about magic theory (by performing the ritual while his/her parma is down), and you can avoid complications regarding how magic resistance works for other things by not for the item of virtue (it would be weird if an exmicelania traditions virtue was a hole in parma magica, how could another tradition learn that?)

Along the lines of Erik's suggestion would be a Minor Virtue allowing items they've enriched themselves to affect them at R: Personal when in contact (like a talisman). That would also bypass Parma Magica without having a hole in Parma Magica.