Obodas, the Desert Covenant - Discussion Thread

Please keep any discussion to this thread.


Looking forward to see what you're going to post, Itzhak.

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I will have to finish some of the things as the month goes on, but I have most of the writeup done, in the style of Through the Aegis.

Just a quick FYI, after I finish posting it all, I will create a free PDF with all of it, so it's easier to look at.


Looking forward to it.

Sorry for missing yesterday. part of the file got corrupted, and I have to redo the stats for some of the Magi, most notably the oldest Magi of the covenant, and the one I envision to also be the oldest in the Levant Tribunal.

A minor comment regarding "The Mystical Brewer": there is no need for the Ignem requisit, neither "the Spell of Wrought Iron" or "The Mystical Blacksmith" have Ignem requisit, but it does not prevent the spell to shape iron.

Regarding Ease factor, brewing (old fashion) is a process that takes between a few weeks and a couple of months, so +3 to +6 extra modifiers on the Ease factor. Modern brewing can be done in less than a week time, so up to you do decide the modifier to apply.

Also, would it be possible to rename this discussion thread as it is not possible to differentiate between the main document and the discussion.


Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the spell once more, both for the Ignem requisite, and the ease factor.

Also, for those of you who care for such things, I have drawn some things from two other RPGs, from one of them, I have drawn two official things, and from another, I drew from a fan made accessory. The one from the fan made accessory hasn't been posted yet, but the other two have already been posted, if you care to try and find them.

The ease factor is purely indicative, to fully flesh out the spell. People can usually figure out by themselves how long it takes to build stuff, but brewing is less common, so I pitched in since it is an area I know quite well.


Is there a reason you wanted Sour Grapes as both a spell and a talisman enchantment?

Additional comment: The virtue "Alluring to" is not a valid virtue to pick unless you're gentle gifted, or also have "inoffensive to" virtue. I suggest replacing them with the "Inoffensive to" virtue.


He invented spell very early after his apprenticeship, before he started any work on his Talisman. But he didn't want to spend seasons mastering it to be able to cast without gestures and voice, so he just enchanted it to his Talisman.

Felix's Virtue has been corrected.

Sorry I haven't managed to post it all in November, but I am going to continue posting it, until everything is posted.

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