obscure 3E question

Anyone happen to remember the story with this? They're both the White Wolf printing (I have the Wizards Of The Coast version too), and I don't see anything particularly identifiable inside. The only difference seems to be the missing/added (depending on your perspective) "The Art Of Magic" on the cover. Which came first?

The one on the left is the first printing. It's before I was working on the game, so I don't know the backstory, but I can tell you the order they came in. (The later printing is also black rather than grey.) I believe that there were almost no internal changes; I have a niggling feeling that there may have been something minor, but I can't remember the details.

Thanks, David!

That would have been my guess as to the order (because the later WotC version has the tag line too), but that was the only clue I had.

The only difference I've spotted so far is that some of the gray background tone (on the character sheets, say) is darker in one than the other.