Obsidian Portal

I was wondering how many people in this forum use Obsidian Portal to organise their games, online or table-top.

If we had enough people using the portal and asking for an Ars Magica dynamic sheet template maybe we'd get one :unamused:

For those not in the know: www.obsidianportal.com

I just started using it for my table top D&D game and immediately thought that it would be perfect for Ars. The wiki format could help with troupe style play, it would be easy to create covenants with separate wiki pages for the library, grogs, etc... The forums give the players a chance to communicate in or out of character in between sessions. Its super easy to link photos, hide GM only information, set up characters, load maps etc. Linking background information with wiki style hyperlinks makes it much easier to locate information when you are using a deep and immersive background. I could easily see each spell having its own wiki page, linked to the character sheet so it can be quickly accessed during play, a ongoing updated list of spontaneous effects that have been approved etc... Best of all, its free to use and you can get serious expanded function for a very reasonable amount.

I will 100% host my next Ars game there... frankly I'll probably use Obsidian Portal for any RPG (tabletop or online) I'm involved in from now on.