Off-topic discussions

To discuss subjects that have no direct impact on the saga, like planned absences or the need for additional topics.

I'll be very busy next week, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to answer.

I've been in contact with darkwing, and his work is impacted by the health emergency. He will join us back soon, when things quiet down.

I haven't found one. It isn't too bad when working from a desktop or laptop, as you can copy the html markers in a seperate document. It is a real pain when posting from a phone or tablet, however.

It's one of the reason I am not asking anyone to use colors. Just make sure your text is written so it is clear who's talking. For example:

"Welcome," says Tandaline.

I'll try to use them anyway If you don't mind. I find It easier to read and assuming we're playing compagnons or grogs, in the long run It helps differentiate multiple characters played by the same individual.

I don't mind colors. I like them. I just don't want anyone to feel they are mandatory.

I like them, too. I'll just look into the code for it.

The tag is font color="color name" at the beginning and /font at the end. Add the less-than and greater-than on each side of the tags.

Sorry. Work is crushing me right now. I will respond to the thread tomorrow

So I have an ongoing topic for Gerard's magus, one for the site visit, and one for the general preparations.

Anyone who is inactive who would like something? Thoughts about potential companions? As it is a character-driven saga, I will adapt to what you want to play, provided the character is appropriate for the setting.

I don't really have solid ideas yet for companions, I don't want one to deal with mundane as you suggested because my magus is already suited for that.

I might consider something related to the faeries, this could fit the saga with the Merenita disappearance plot, or maybe a character linked one way or another to the monastery maybe that could pair with some activities in our library.

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I am making a merchant companion. One that can act as a social contact for the Covenant.

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I'm similar to Bitter in that I don't have a solid idea yet. I wanted to see where things headed with the covenant and my maga.

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Everyone still there? It's been over a week since the last post, and all the ongoing topics are awaiting player response, as far as I can see. Let me know if I missed anything.

I'm here sorry for the delay.

Same, I needed a little break from Ars Magica. I'll try to spin a reply by tomorrow. Terribly sorry.

No worry. Just wanted to make sure you were all still available. It is summer now, and things usually slow down. I just want to avoid them grinding to a stop.

I did not think anything was waiting on me

@jebrick If you want some action, you can decide that Emericus joined the group visiting the site. I left it open on purpose.

Several months without anyone posting (including me). Are we dead? If so, can we rise from the dead?

(Halloween joke aside, is anyone interested in restarting the saga?)