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I really do not see the problems with Sihr. They're relatively equivalent to other hedge traditions.

Summoning is easily moved to the Magic realm without taint, but the other three Ars Goetica do have infernal leanings. Perhaps you can replace some or all of them with Mystery Virtues like Spell-Binding and Hermetic Empowerment.

Guys, I really do need your input on the Merintae Exsules. This will determine if I use the tradition or become a variant Gruagachan.

I am reading you but until Thursday or so (maybe a little bit sooner) I am out of the loop because of work and some Spanish family holidays (Monday)

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It's really surprising to me that nobody opted to take Ars Fabulosa.

@OneShot There is no "clearly out from the beginning". There is nothing wrong with a TC&TC Sahir being in this saga based on power level.

There is from 5 days ago:

A TC&TC Sahir is clearly not a hedge magician.

Anything that's not the Order of Hermes is a Hedge Magician by definition.

Certainly not! Look at Rival Magic! The TC&TC Sahir is in that category.

We do not need to discuss here the definitions of an Order that no longer exists in this saga. Whether a character type is a hedge magician is best checked by comparing it with the traditions from HMRE. Xavi would have done that, I reckon.

Exactly my point; TC&TC Sahir is very much on par with HMRE traditions. It's not in Rival Magic, and even if it was, Rival Magic traditions, such as Augustan Brotherhood. have expressly been permitted for this game.

I wouldn't agree.

The important point is that someone was prevented from playing what they wanted by a baseless mis-characterization of the TC&TC Sahir power level. Since this is a troupe game, you need to defend that.

Reviewing the sahir rules tonight. Will come back to you about this all.

Aha! I might have come up with a good idea as to why my character was never recruited by a hedge tradition; Suppresed Gift

Failed Apprentice Social Status
Suppresed Gift Flaw

Very interesting!

This begs the question, of which tradition or master he is a Failed Apprentice. And that could establish special relations with some other characters.

That's what occurred to me. I haven't decided what tradition tried to open Yanni's Gift and failed.

There is a mention in HMRE about The Witches of Reims so Yanni's old tradition could definitely be Folk Witches.

I've spent a couple hours investigating something that would be different and that I haven't tried before, while being something with no Tainted Virtues nor a Sahir to keep everyone happy and sidestep those issues. I think making a Faerie Doctor, focusing on Faerie Wizardry (Enchantment Method) would be different enough from what others have as well as being new to me. Faerie Doctor is a little tough to work with since you have prescribed Minor Flaws in areas with limits, but that just creates an interesting challenge.

Why not switch from Ars Goetica to Ars Fabulosa? Faerie bargaining instead of Spirit bargaining/commanding.

I'm just not so much a fan of Ars Fabulosa.

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Considering it seems that we won't be converting the Hermetic Magus Social Status, I am now seriously considering getting Wealthy.