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:thinking: True. I was intrigued by the possibility due to the note that the Greeks and Romans during the Classical period considered Falling Evil a sign of being god-touched.

Oh, I am sure that this can be the case. But no god is coming down to make rules at the table when it happens in a RPG! :laughing:

@Xavi did you finally get the permissions to close and/or delete threads? I ask because the List of Characters thread seems to be closed.

You should be able to post now or in a few minutes. Just got a mail from Amelia (atlas) notifying me of this.

Thread closed? I can post there, but I am the creator so I am unsure of what you see...

Roland is coming along. I dropped Guardian Angel, deciding I wanted him to be less sure of what God wants while still being quite pious. He fought beyond his 40 days in the Albigensian Crusade and became disillusioned with the leadership, finding they didn't seem to truly serve God. Since then he has returned north and become a knight-errant, trying to prove himself and find a cause or a group that God truly supports so he knows he is on the right path despite earning negative reputations in the process. I think that will give him a good link to joining Frere Sulpice.

I have written the early ives of Honorine and Fra Taddeo now.

I should think so. Roland is more Pious than Frère Sulpice!

I began imagining his Guardian Angel and Pahalia discussing and comparing their respective protégés, their merits and flaws over a cuppa ...

I figure that Frere Sulpice has genuine Divine power granted to him would be a sign beyond the monastic vows, etc. that Roland would accept without question. And Roland's current knight-errant status fits the lifestyle he needs to travel about with Frere Sulpice.

I'm glad people are really liking Roland. He's nearly done. I wanted him a bit over 20 years old, but not a lot. I still need to put some more points into Area Lore and a few other spots. Area lore will probably take a little bit of research.

@Xavi , can I start up a new thread for Sophie? All the comments in the current thread are based off of the prior Summoner design. And if I start the thread myself, the character sheet can be the very first post. I don't know if you'll be able to delete the old Sophie thread once I've ported things over, but at very least it will disappear way down in the list of threads over time. I've fine-tuned her a little bit, and I think I'm done with the mechanics now.

Notes for other players on Sophie: What she can primarily do magically is travel, buffing, warding, and healing. Her magic is very slow (commonly taking about half a dozen rounds if it's not a ritual taking longer), but that's not so important for what her magic focuses on. She's pretty limited on the magnitude of her effects unless you're singing when she casts on you; Sympathy Traits are the real limiting factor, rather than scores in the Supernatural Abilities, for the most part. She has no Magic Resistance, though, since she's not Gifted.

You can certainly start a thread yourself for the character. No need to ask permission for such things, guys :slight_smile: I will try to clean up some stuff in then forum this week.

Thanks. I just didn't want to have a second thread on the same thing going without a heads up for you.

@Xavi You can delete the Merinitae Exsules thread now if you wish.

Waiting for @Callen and @darkwing and we can launch the story and start building from there :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you got more powers, but I did not :frowning: I will contact emilia again about that.

I'm working on Sophie's Faerie Friend, which is one of her required Flaws. I was planning to go with a faerie, male, common chaffinch since that bird is well-known for its singing. I was figuring a low Might, Incognizant Faerie with minor powers based on the Flaw's statements to have it be a regular companion. I know the bird would be Size -8, which sets Faerie Beast and Little x2. What Might should I give it? The base 5 would make building it easier, but that could be shifted. I have a few power ideas in mind, all of them either it singing or it encouraging music in others. My plan is to give it one Personality Flaw, Weakness for music, and then just balance what it already has for Flaws with Virtues for those powers. Sound good?

Sounds good. Give him. low might. 5-10 or so. Higher would be too much for a minor feature. I know that given its size might should be higher, but I think it makes more sense for it to be low might.

Well, as you can see in the Daria thread, it seems that she will lot be around much longer due to age. That changes how I planned to approach the first meeting. What Triamore has is a death toll crisis, not a political or (just) membership one.

I will try to write the initial scenes during this week or weekend. Trying to think about adventures for a priest of a forest being, a faerie doctor and a Franciscan is challenging :wink: It looks like a Muslim, Jew, Christian joke xD And all are invited by a quasi-pagan worshiper of Virgil. Lol

BTW, finally got moderator powers here. Yay!! Will try to clean a little bit around.

Sophie could have partly been brought in for longevity reasons. I'll run some numbers later.

Looks like Sophie could give -15 bonus to aging rolls (alongside -15 penalty to recovery rolls) for as long as Daria remains in a supernatural Aura. Different Durations could be used, such as Year.

An alternative, if that -15 isn't good enough, is that she could put off all aging rolls as long as Daria remains in a supernatural Aura.

Some (most/all) of you know more about medieval Europe than I do. I'm trying to sort out the various noble holdings in northeastern region of France (in the vicinity of Reims, but needn't be right there) to sort out the specifics of where Roland is from, what he would be heir to, who would be directly above him, etc. I know Phillip II is way on top.

I found this map, which is fairly helpful even if not very detailed:
I also found this map, which is older (almost 40 years, so just over 10 years before Roland's birth) but helps more with names:
(Outside of the legend's overlapping symbols and first letters for monasteries and the like, I really like this one.)

It looks like there are a few small counties between Flanders and Champagne that are more independent, and then some small counties northeast of Champagne that lie under Thibault IV.

Any suggestions?