Offline for the next few days

Gang, if any of you were expecting anything from me, I'll be unavailable. Queensland's flooded at the moment and I can't get to my PC (although I'm safe).

PS: if anyone can give me the page number for pilgrimages in The Church, that'd be great. I'm able to get a little bit of writing and editing done because I have my working files on Dropbox, but my older emails are all on PC not the cloud.

See you all soon. Hope you like Transylvania!

The 'Pilgrimages' chapter is on p.15ff.
I hope Oswald leaves you soon.


Hope all is well, I have seen photos of the flooding and heard from friends there. Keep safe :frowning:

cj x

Darned Queensland weather. Hope you didn't get too affected, Tim! (I didn't even get a day off work. Luckily Brisbane isn't too bad.)



(Major) Best beaches in the world


(minor) Floods
(minor) Overpriced computer games
(minor) Fairly awful beer