offspring with the gift

I did find the ritual in True Lineages that speaks of increasing the chance that the offspring will have the gift, but I can't find a place that speaks of the chances that offspring have the gift with or without the ritual. Where can such a table/rule be found, if it exists at all?

AFAIK, there are only house rules on this matter.

Ok, my house rules will be: If it moves the saga in a direction I want, the child is a magus. Of course, the mage needs to wait at least 20 seasons to know what my decision is.


Good call. I prefer this approach to die rolls and mumbo-jumbo. I had a magus that wanted to raise his own child as a magus. He wanted a gifted child more than anything. So naturally I strung him along as long as I could. I had considered at one point that he would find maybe a dozen gifted children. He would have the pick of the crop for an apprentice, but they wouldn't be 'his kid' and I knew he wouldn't pick them.

I think these things should be approached in terms of what is best for the story and simply use mechanics as a guideline to determine time invested or probability of something occuring. That is, for those who need such measures. I personally simply look in terms of what is best for the storyline.

One of my players created a companion that was the victim of magical experimentation. He was a mundane child raised in a covenant, where the magus had tried to create the Gift by pumping Vis through him. The player took a modified version of the Flaw "tainted with Evil," and made him "tainted with Magic."

Anyway, this does bring up the idea of a magus (using the rules for a magical breakthrough) to "create" an apprentice, perhaps in his own offspring.

Also, as to the magus who REALLY wanted to raise his own child as a wizard -- the situation BEGS for some nice infernal temptation. A nice infernal pact, and your son gets the Gift. Just sign on the dotted line....


It's also possible that some members of the Order follow traditional tales and try to have children with creatures of the other Realms in the hope of a Gifted being. Of course, mating indiscriminately with such creatures opens up a whole new level of ways for the story to go horribly wrong... :smiling_imp:

Double so since they would have to attempt it before starting on their Longevity destroying their fertility and thus quite early on their paths as magi - meaning that they will probably have less insight and power with what to handle the... circumstances of this project.

Bouncing off that idea: if you have a willing player, you could arrange this to be part of an apprentice's training. I could easily see a master magus wanting to experiment with fertility and expect his apprentice to help with the process.

A wicked story idea just started to form within my demented mind.... evil grin :smiling_imp:

Sounds good! Be sure to share the results if you use it in play. I'd love to hear the effects it has in a Saga. Heck, knowing me, I'd love to hear the idea.

Maybe I should have said wicked story ideas, but in any regard they are just inkling of ideas. One of the main characters, as an apprentice, actually sired a child with a nearby water nymph. This child - that is quite fairy-touched - is now a player character in the saga aswell. Another magus' apprentice, also played by a player, is actually a child of another former apprentice of the saga - one who stole away before his Gauntlet and in the process taking the covenants vis and most precious books. So in short things like this have been happening, so it is only a question of time before one of the magi might get the idea of doing some lab work on the subject... I even have some ideas on how to promt at least one of them into action.

Wow-talk about a setting ripe for a situation such as this. Sounds great!