Oil, Aquam, Boiling Oil,

I’m thinking about some spells using boiling oil. How much damage does boiling oil do?

Hermetic projects has scalding water and mud from +3 for a small splash, to +12 for immersion. I think boiling oil would do more damage than boiling water. Lava inflicts +15 for a splash to +60 for full immersion.

Creeping Oil uses Base 3, to create a flammable oil which when ignited will damage over time of 12, then 6, then +0.

Mighty Torrent of Water uses base 10, with +10 damage and a knock back. Which seems like the force of the water inflicts the damage and not the substance itself.

Corrosive liquids inflict (Base) as damage.

I would treat it as corrosive liquids. Call me simple.

Aeric, you're simple. (Sorry, you set that joke up)

I checked the corebook page 181, the Heat and Corrosion table.
This table lists directly below Boiling water +3, Boiling oil +6. Therefore splash damage is +6, with triple for 50% immersion and quadruple for total immersion making +24 damage as the maximum.

Thank you Darkwing - I’d forgotten about that table in the main book. Apologies.
It seems to suit that water can be created with an initially unusual shape with base 4. And oil can be created at the same base level however the spell creates 1/10th of it. Then boiling can be created by adding an Ignem requisite.
So boiling oil gives 1/10th the standard “pond” size with a base of CrAq4.

I think boiling oil might require a +1 magnitude for added effect, compared to normal oil. It's definitely not necessary for the basic function of summoning a glob of oil.

I couldn’t find other spells (yet) to support either side of the argument of adding +1 extra mag. I think creating ice and steam does not need an extra in Aquam, and snow is created in Auram without extra mags.
boiling water uses the same base in Ignem. Oil and Water are the same level, the spells do create less according to the type.
So a CrIg/Aq spell spell would heat and create water at the same base, it just makes more sense to me that this is an Aq effect.

I don’t think you can compare not adding magnitudes for ice or steam with boiling oil.
Ice and steam is a straight Aquam creation, with no need for Ignem req. Neither substance has any special or extra effect. And both occur naturally, given the right circumstances.
Oil is by itself also a basic Aquam creation, but the boiling aspect is extra and an added effect, and doesn’t occur without unnatural input.

IMHO the added magnitude is fair.

Ok, I’ll include an additional mag for the boiling effect as you’re both making sense. Thank you both.

Follow-up tangential question: In terms of the spell design - the character who will be creating these spells has the major virtue Elemental Magic.
My suss is that the additional mag counts in the overall level however the Ignem art score is ignored. I ask as I’ve seen a discussion trying to argue that the additional mag is also ignored, I disagree.

Eg. Magus has Arts of Cr 10, Aq 10, Ig 2 for a spell which is (Base 4 to create oil, 2 Voice, +1 for boiling) = level 20
In the Casting and lab totals the elementalist is still crafting/casting a level 20 effect however they can ignore their Ignem score in the casting and lab totals.

To be honest I’m not sure what the somewhat unclear wording for Elemental Magic means: “ there is no disadvantage in adding...”

Can it be interpreted to mean that no magnitudes are added for additional elemental forms? That would be nice but other magi without the Virtue should not be able to use it.
But it seems the only thing Elementalist does is let you use the score for the primary form rather than the requisites .

So the spell discussed does have an extra mag for the boiling effect but uses Aquam score regardless of what the Ignem score is.