OK, so if I run an urban game what would you like?

Which city and style of play are you most interested in?

  • Edinburgh: exploring Scotland and dealing with its (relatively weak) nobles
  • Winchester or someplace similar, dealing with Arthurian myths
  • Syracuse or someplace similar: dealing with Mediterranean trade and Arabic sorcerers
  • Sofia similar, exploring the Black Sea and dealing with the Byzantine successor states
  • Lubeck, and the rise of the Hansa, and the formation of a new Tribunal

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Again I would really prefer it if you do not answer this poll unless you are certain that you will be interested in participating in a game in the near future. This poll is a campaign design tool: please do not damage its effectiveness. Thanks.

I voted for Sofia , but I would be just as interested in Syracuse and the others also sound interesting

Agree Sofia it is for me too.


Lübeck :slight_smile:

Apple Gild, Apple Gild, whereforth art thou Apple Gild :smiley:


Lubek. Tons of both order and mundane politics, pioneering, etc. Yum.


OK gang,

I know that you have voted 3 for Sophia and 2 for Lubeck. Would those of you who voted for Sophia be OK switching to Lubeck?

I ask this because as I was sitting down to write the first story, my common sense, which rarely visits me, pointed out to me that if I do Sophia I'm going to have to research and write up two unknown tribunals, whereas if I go with Lubeck, then really I'm using Rhine, which is known to people, and Normandy, which I did serious work on, although most players will not have seen it yet, so it'll be novel.

Which is to say, Lubeck is a lot easier for me to do, but there's no point in me doing it if more than one of the people who voted Sophia says "That doesn't interest me at all."

So, is Lubeck or nearby (Visby, say) OK?

I voted Lübeck, so I could just say swell, but I agree with your points of argumentation.

It is easier for you.
You get to start the saga relatively quickly.
We have a chance to feel it is known to us -most of us know some of western european medieval history


Lubeck would be fine with me

I dont have a preference

It's finewith me to.


OK, guys, we have enough players who have expressed interest. Let's get started. We'll use the "To Boldly Go" subforum, and I'll ask the webmistress to rename it. The campaign doesn't have a good name right now, because I'm not sure what themes you'll be bringing with you, so let's call it "Unknown Cargo" for now.

I'd like a preliminary description as soon as you are able to provide it, posted publically so that other people can factor it in during their character design. We can RP non-confrontational things, like background and covenant meetings, without sheets, but I do want them eventually.

Your covenant will be in Summer and will be designed to suit the sorts of stories you want to play, so if you need a good lab or you want a poor library, say so in this first bit of description. I will roll out some NPCs, but I'd like not to design older duplicates of characters people want to play, so I need your ideas first.

You -do not need to be just graduated magi- but if you are, it makes it easier to write stories for you. If you are not just graduated, you need to have a good reason to up stakes and move to the covenant.

Companions are boradly fine, but if you want a flaw that will make you centre stage, like Plagued by Supernatural Enitity or Enemy: Duke of Hell, float it first in yoiur description.

Play will begin this weekend, if people have their descriptions to me, in a series of background vignettes. I hope to kick off some of the story threads next weekend.

The game will be played in temporal seque form. That is, you may be participating in stories from various points in your character's life at the same time. Experience you earn in "background" stories is kept for "foreground" stories. If you need me to pull a miraculous esacpe in a "background" story to explain why Magus X is still around in the "current" story, then they'll have a Twilight experience, or otherwise be made a GM plot monkey to get you our of the plot hole, OK? (And a reason for this will be in the frame narrative, so this looks less like my fiat.)

So, start whenever you want, but let's leave this forum now.

grin I'm ok with any of them. (And yeah, I'm definitely a nibbler. :slight_smile: )