Old ArM marerial

While looking for "The Bats of Mercille" (that I have somewhere) I found the old Lion Rampant "Melos Caverna" LR1802. Guess I have "Songs of Combat" somewhere too. Is there a market for this stuff?

I'm sure there's few collectors who would love to have the old Lion Rampant stuff.

There is always a collectors market. Three factors drive the price: Quality, Scarcity, and Popularity. I have recently obtained a few LR classics on e-bay (Second edition and Order of Hermes).

Hej Jakob
Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a market for things like that.

I completely agree
I know I've bought a good deal of old edition books second hand


There are two versions of Bats of Mercille. They'll both do well, but the first version would likely sell for more. Assuming it's complete - loose pages have a tendency to wander away over the years.

The music? I think that would take a niche collector within a small niche to start with. But you never know.