Older Feng Shui Books

Does Atlas have the rights to publish the older Daedalus Feng Shui books and the one from Ronin Publishing? I've never seen them in PDF so I'm assuming the answer's no.

Published by Daedalus Entertainment:
DAE1400 Feng Shui - Shadowfist Role Playing Game (1st edition) 1996
DAE1401 Marked For Death
DAE1402 Back For Seconds
DAE1403 Thorns of the Lotus

Published by Ronin Publishing:
RNP116 Blood of the Valiant

Thank you

Thorns of the Lotus and Blood of the Valiant are here: Atlas Games | Feng Shui 1st Edition

Right. Thank you for that, those I do have. Those are expanded versions of the originals?

I have the original (physical) ones, I don't know about anyone else but I'm a bit OCD about collecting game books. I would like to be able to get them in pdf, the Daedalus releases. That's why I asked. My collection compulsion :smile:

Not the originals, no. We only picked up text rights that had reverted to authors.

Ok, thank you very much!