Omega Ward, doable?

Say someone wants to make a Circle Ward that uses all ten Forms; what would the minimum level have to be, and what would such a creation even look like?

Doable, but extremely expensive and equally useless.

9 additional forms cost you nine additional magnitudes and will raise the level over 50, making it a ritual.

Stick with an Aegis of the Hearth instead. Cheaper and more efficient.
Or draw 10 concentrical wards.

Well, you could start with a level 1 effect, leaving it at level 30, plus whatever for R/D/T - level 40 for Touch/Diameter.
Would still be a fairly odd creation though.

I would point out that the OP is only asking to use all the Forms, and the replies have specifically followed the OP. But that won't suffice for a ward against all sorts of things, just a ward against some of the easiest stuff to ward against from within each Form.

In the odd situation where you need to ward against everything and the level is critical there comes a point at sufficiently high level where this everything ward becomes more efficient than individual wards. It is at absurdly high level and penetration would need to be taken care of in some way but I don't think that it is impossible to create a situation where this would be useful. Just very very unlikely.

And if it's absurdly high level, it would be a ritual, and therefore the vis cost and risk of botching would likely make it moot.

Also, you'd need to include several forms multiple times, as they're used for different things (e.g. realm-specific Vim effects).

If it will make you guys feel better and not fret about how difficult/dangerous/rare such a spell would be, rather than the question itself, can we just switch out the hypothetical to be a bunch of different wards (one for each Form) over the same area?

I've never heard of applying a Form multiple times to one spell. How does that even work?

Part of the question does include what such a creation would look like. The appearance would be the same whether you used the omni-ward or layered ward.

That does bring up a question. Can you use multiple circle/ring spells on the same circle?

For example, you want a ward to keep out both heat and cold. That's two different ReIg wards. Use the higher base between the two and add a magnitude to attach the second.

Yes, multiple spells can sit on the same circle. The circle need not be created with the spell. The circle can already exist and just be traced during the casting. So you might have one casting circle in your chambers that you trace around for several different spells.

To answer your original question:

It would be invisible - like most wards.

And then there is Anselm of Canterbury's answer. A ward that wards against everything would also ward against God and his minions, which might upset him. Just. A . Little.

Can you use ReIm to create a ward against species?

Because of the Limit of the Divine, I wouldn't think the ward would be able to stop God from going through the ward if it decided to extend its influence.

From a certain PoV, God is already on both sides of the Ward - omnipresent, remember?

Hi all,

In my experience, ring/circle wards are very rare in use by PC's as they are slow, risky and less effective to cast than most other effects. Aegis/Parma are better in all aspects ... almost...

Canon stipulates that you need to ring/circle ward by realm (i.e Magical creatures, infernal demons, Divine Angels) rendering your uber fairy ward a nice decoration should the fey be a demon, magi or even mundane in disguise ...

Canon has no examples of Ring/Circle wards vs Hermetic form as far as I know. Best it has is ward vs heat and flames which gives a soak bonus against fire which is only a subset of the Ig form and is in Ig not Vim. The ReVi guideline does say that wards in other forms are more limited...

Now, would a ReVi vs Hermetic form Touch/Ring/Circle general be a reasonable new guideline? Possibly but you are getting dangerously close to the Parma 's turf which is the thing that makes the order cool in the magic space.

In the recent campaigns, we have allowed very specific wards against hermetic effects. The pyramid of versatility generally goes as follows:

ReVi T/Ring/Circle vs Might: Realm or Creature Type specific or less (Ex. Magical realm creatures, Jinns or all realms, etc.)

ReVi T/Ring/Circle vs Supernatural effect: Form sub-group aligned powers (Ex. Corpus form aligned Debilitating effects, Memtem form aligned mind controlling effects, Etc) - Does not need to penetrate but creature is free to take action to break circle

ReVi Other than T/Ring/Circle vs Might: Realm & Creature Type or Creature Type & Form aligned powers or Realm & Form aligned powers (Ex. Infernal Memtem effects, Magical Jinns, Etc) - Will protect from intended effects up to level of ward. Creature cannot circumvent protection if effect penetrates.

ReVi Other than T/Ring/Circle vs Supernatural effect: Limited to a specific spell guideline (Ex. Corpus form aligned Death Effects, Memtem form aligned total control effects, Etc) - Does not need to penetrate but creature is free to take any action.


Erm... the vim circle ward already gets creatures no matter the form they are associated with. Min level would be 15 because Elemental Magic allows the ignoring of requisites of the other elements. 30 without that virtue. You could also make a ward against mundane targets. The base would be 15 I think (corpus ward) 9 requisites and +1 for the touch range for a min of 75. If you want the ring duration that bumps it up to 85.

The Columbae from ex Miscellanea have a Warding ability that could be applied repeatedly to the same circle (until the practitioner collapses due to fatigue loss, anyway).

Back in 4th edition, I played a magus who had a 'Ward vs All Forms' spell (I called it 'Stay off Me!'). It was about Level 125 or so, because I added extra Rego requisites to be able to suppress and reinstate the warding effect of one or more forms after casting it. I don't think it is very feasible to do as one spell in 5th edition. Making separate spells vs each Form (or aspect of each Form) would be easier, although still an unlikely thing for any magus to actually do. However, I could see a covenant requiring each member to invent one useful Ward spell so they could collectively make a very effective temporary defense for campsites, etc.