omigod! I clicked to ignore Erik Tyrell!

The ignore button is right next to the quote button. It was an accident. I don't want to ignore our Grand Master! Couldn't find anything in the FAQ. How do I make it better!? Help! Help!

Well, you just... Wait I can't really help can I?

not sure how else to get to the ignore list...but if you click ignore on someone else, you will be given the option of going to the ignore list. You can then click the x on the right side to remove a name from the list.

Yes, but I have to click to break my rule against reading your posts. What comes up is that I've decided to ignore this post, but I can click to read it anyway. So nothing is terminally locked off.

Thanks, Agnar; let's see if that works.

Yep. I clicked to ignore myself, and was thus given access to the ignore page. (After being told that I couldn't ignore myself, which is a real shame sometimes.) Crisis averted!

You mean The Grand Master?!?

I cower in fear at the ramifications of such audacity! :open_mouth:

You only say that because you know you're next in line for grandmastery yourself :wink:

Sometimes... Sometimes i wonder about you people. Where are the pitchforks and torches? Hm? Hmmmm?! How can one properly burn the heretic of there are no torches, nor even a simple pitchfork.

forms the very beginning of an angry mob equipped with a pink lighter and some gardening shears They were the closest I came.... :blush:

I've distributed them to my hidden army of minions. Which I've cloned by the way!

So... now what were you saying? :smiling_imp:

Nothnig, nothing... I bow before the soon to be Grand Master. :smiley:

Ah! A possible "General" perhaps! We will watch you young d31m0z, we will watch your career with great interest! :wink:

Ahmmm.... cloned, ehh? :unamused:

I should have known that Grand Master trick and bend the rules...! Using anachronistic means to further their cause! What will be next? Dinosaurs? :imp:

I believe it's Dinosours. :wink:
Oh boy, we all have to much time on our hands! :laughing: