Omphalos of Bonisasgus

I havent heard and desention yet to my addition into the game so here he goes.

Magus Omphalos of Bonisagus
Pater:Myria of Bonisagus

Age: 22
Size: 0
Gender: Male

Characteristics: Int +5, Per + 0, Str -1 , Sta +2, Pre +1, Com +1, Dex 0, Qik -2

Virtues: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Pussiant Magic Theory, *Minor Magical Focus:Storms
Great Intelligence x2, Apt Student, Good Teacher Deft Aurum, Pussiant Aurum, Cautious Sorcerer, Mythic Blood (Major Hermetic Zeus: Innate Clouds of Thunderous Might ReAu 30)

Flaws: *Lecherous (minor Personality)
Curse of Venus (Major, Story), Driven: Break a hermetic limit (Major, Personality), Waster of Vis (Hermetic Major), Susceptibility to Faerie Magic

Personality Traits:
Curious +2
Patient +1
Excitable +2
Lecherous +1


Greece Lore 1 (Georaphic Features)
Rhine Lore 1 (Durenmar)
Folk Ken 2 (Covenant folk)
Language: French (Norman) 1
Language: Romaic Greek 5 (Hexemeter)
Survival 2 (Greece)
Language: Classical Greek 2 (Hermetic Use)
Language: Low German 2 (Saxon)
Artes Liberales 2 (Ritual Magic)
Latin 4 (Hermetic Use)
Magic Theory 3+2 (Traditionalist)
Parma Magic 1 (Ignem)
Profession:Scribe 2 (Lab Notes)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (Personalities)
Code of Hermes 1 (apprentices)
Teaching 2 (Apprentices)
Leadership 1 (Students)
Concentration 1 (Spell Concentration)

Magical Arts: 100

Cr: 5 (15)
Mu: 5 (15)
Re: 5 (15)
In: 3 (6)
Pe: 3 (6)
Au: 5+3 (15)
Co: 5 (15)
Aq: 4 (10)
Vi: 2 (3)

Wizard's Sigil: Sweet smell of Ozone

Voting Sigil: Mytikas, Peak of Mount Olympus

Warping and Twilight Effects
Warping Score:
Twilight Scars:

Spells: 120 (max tech/form +int 5+ MT 5+3)

Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu -lvl 5 - Touch, Sun, Ind - pg 125
Jupiters Resounding Might CrAu -lvl 10 - Voice, Mom, Ind - pg 125
Charge of The Angry Winds CrAu -lvl 20 - Voice, Conc, Ind - pg 125
Talons of the Wind MuAu -lvl 20 - Voice, Diam, Ind - Rego pg 127
Lance of the Heavens CrAu - lvl 20 - Sight, Mom, Ind -pg 126 (Per incantation of lightning, may only be pulled from the sky, instead of from the hand. [Base 5, +3 Sight])

Creeping Oil CrAq -lvl 15 - Voice, Sun, Ind - pg 121
Touch of the Pearls InAq -lvl 5 - Touch, Conc, Ind - pg 122

Demon's Eternal Oblivion -lvl 10- Voice, Mom, Ind - pg 160
Gathering the Essence of the Beast -lvl 15 - Touch, Mom, Ind - pg 162

Appearance: Omphalos is a regal young man, his form is robust without being muscular. His hair is dark and curly matching a set of soft blue eyes. His clothing tends to be simple while his voice is a mixture of charm and command.

Background: In the early days of his youth the boy that became Omphalos was the third son of a merchant living on the vast olive fields that contained their livelihood and crop. Even from the earliest age the boy set people at edge, his precocious intelligence he asked questions that often didn't have easy answers, or even more were incredibly unsettling. Even on the night of his birth terrible storms raged over the countryside where normally the complacent weather stood its vigil. The boys staggering intellect set him apart and the budding gift made the boy an absolute pariah even if his face was handsome and his words perfect. He followed his father wherever he went on his business as a young child and misfortune of the gift followed behind them, until Lysandra of Jerbiton was conducting business near to the village of the boys farm, and heard tales of the touched boy, all sort of silly myths surrounded the child, that he stole shadows, or caused nightmares, but the intrigue drew her closer. What she found was a young boy who was utterly brilliant, enduring and charming, and well traveled even at a young age who latched onto everything he heard.
He was picked up after Lysandra after noting such a child a bright child could bring misfortune, that and a lump of gold produced by the touch of midas removed any question about profitable business. In a matter of moments his life moved to Polyaigos for the first two years of his education he trained in language both classic greek and latin both which he quickly picked up as he studied under the mentors there. However one of the other students even at a young age took a shine to him, causing issues with the patron when he grew jealous of her childish affections for him...which luckily was cooled down before being smashed with a rock. From there he was brought unto Delos, for the inspection...he never made it past the initial look through just as soon as Myria of Bonisagus had caught sight of him after a short interview she pressed two tokens into his hand and took the right of her House unwilling to bear a chance of losing such a bright mind. He was presented and then returned back to Polyaigos to study under his parens during this time, his natural prelediction for the magic of the sky became manifest, with his arts opened the call of the sky became palatable and in come cases resonant with the waters below. His blood called back to the great god, the king of Olympus somewhere in the long line of his family the power of Zeus pored through his veins. His mentor accepted no less of his skills, making him cast under combat conditions to perfect his technique drilled into him how to control his ability, though it came at the cost of speed. The greater his power became however came at its own cost, as some of his power originated from the gods it put him within their grasp as well weakening his ability to resist them on anything but a fair playing field. He spent years aiding his master in the lab working towards her own studies to find his desire to surpass her even at such a young age, the heremetic limit...the failings of Bonisagus became his greatest enemy a desire that with such a brilliant mind, that the founder of the order had created Parma Magica, with no such breakthrough was inexcusable.
His study continued with plenty of time in the lab though as part close tradition he traveled from his home covenant to Durenmar the heart of the order to be trained for two years by a close Magus Erismina who was trained by the same master as his parens. He spent two years solidifying his knowledge in latin, the inner secrets of teaching and exemplifying how to teach the hermetic principles. However there after he spent two solid years assisting in the lab long grueling work, that his masculine and attractive form caused a dalliance by Erasmina...that ended in a post coital lab accident, while he managed not to cause any physical harm his ability to channel external sources of magic such as vis were saturated requiring far more for him to control its power. In return for his time however his own master was graced by the presence of her apprentice whom took a very overzealous attraction to the young apprentice, that bordered on obsession. Causing no sheer end of frustration and problems after two years he was rid of the apprentice and in the end made his way through his gauntlet, a brutal affair of magical theory and context easily passing. In the end he took up the name Omphalos, the navel of creation and the stone that replaced Zeus when his father came to swallow him. After his gaunlet he chose not to return to Polyaigos instead taking interest in the institution of a new covenant where he may better have the time to perfect his study and change the face of the order of hermes by shattering its limits, as well as communing with his birthright as son of the king of the Gods.

You can't take hermetic use as a focus for Romaic Greek
What do you mean by traditionalist as a specialization in magic theory?
I'm getting 225 points in abilities, 100 points in arts for age 22 this leaves you 10 points left to spend.

Per True Lineages pg 19-

traditionalist constantly works to refine Magic Theory, thinking this was Bonisagus’s primary motivation. He pushes against the limits of Hermetic magic, searching for ways to break through many of the lesser limits that still inhibit
Bonisagus’s system.

These propensities for magi Bonisagi can be used by a character as specializations in their Magic Theory Ability. You may choose traditionalist, dabbler, or harmonizer as a specialization for your Magic Theory (see
Specializations in the Abilities chapter of ArM5, page 62). As a traditionalist, each time your research attempts to break a Hermetic Limit of Magic, you may add 1 to your Magic Theory score (see Original Research below).

Fixed Romaic issue (misread one of the posts...catching up on sundered eagle, i thought i had it in my collection and had to pick it up from the SO's house), added concentration 1/leadership 1.

Where do you get tears of heaven? You don't have arts listed for it, and for both Cr and Re Au base 5 tends to indicate severe weather...

If we assume it is RegoAurum, then
Int:5 + MagicTheory 5 + 3 + Rego 5 + Aurum 8 = 26.

Not sure the spell works, as you present it. If the bolt of lightning comes from the sky, then you will need R:Sight. You seldom have a storm cloud within 50 paces of you.

What is it supposed to do first of all? Is it calling rain? Lightning? Tears suggest a gentle rain, incantation of lightning is a very different effect...

One i mathed wrong first comes out to a lvl 20, added the CrAu tag and renamed it lance of the heavens and arthurs completely right Sight will be necessary for it to come off right. Unlike the more traditional Incantation of Lightning, it actually comes from a Natural or existing cloud source that lightning normally comes from and is beholden to that restriction vs being shot out from the hand and ussable essentially where ever. While an easier spell to pull isnt usable indoors, underground, under a clear sky, or a half dozen other places.

Effect: This spell calls down a bolt of lightning from existing clouds to strike its foes, the path from the cloud to the ground target must both be visible to the casting Magus.

This magus is finished and ready to post.

It still mentions Rego. Is that a requsite to control where the bolt strikes? If so, then you need to add a magnitude. Not that I am certain that you need one...

Thats a my bad, it doesnt need to be there, i copy pasted a template when i put spells in.