[On the Edge] Bloodlust

I know this question might be about 10 years behind, but anyway, can anybody explain me how bloodlust works?
The text in the card is this: Target Aries has +2 Power, but only to determine whether enemy combatants are popped. This card does not affect whether the Character itself is popped.

My OnTE-fu is pretty rusty, but this is my recollection...

  • It can only affect an Aries character
  • When you resolve combat, it's the attacker's attack versus the defender's defense. So suppose you play this card on an Aries with a base Attack of 3, against a defender with a Defense of 4. This card means the Aries now has a 5 in terms of determining if the Defender is popped (5>4, so yes, the defender is popped). However, the Aries itself is also popped, because for determining whether it survives combat, its Power is only the original 3 (the Bloodlust doesn't help). So both attacker and defender are popped in this example.

Basically, it's a good card for helping you get over the top in taking out a big blocker, but usually at the cost of your attacking Aries character.

I hope that clarifies it!

That's the way I was playing it, but it the same as put only a +2 to AP, so I thought that maybe I was missing something.